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Capitol Quotes: September 14, 2012

“If lighting strikes and Democrats win both House and the Senate, she can expect the bill on her desk within the first week.” — Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, voting to fight to allow “Dreamers” who qualify for Barack Obama’s new immigration policy to get a driver’s license

“(This is) an attempt by the Obama administration to circumvent the political process of solving our country’s problems by playing a political card for temporary political gain.” — Chuck Coughlin, an adviser to Gov. Jan Brewer, on the Obama administration’s “deferred action” policy, where certain young illegal immigrants are allowed to remain in the U.S. and get a work permit.

“One of the great things about this country is that we’re innocent until proven guilty.” — Republican legislative candidate Joe Ortiz, saying his two prior arrests should not be a problem for his campaign. Court records show one charge was dropped and he pleaded guilty to the second one.

“That was in regard to my allergies. Although we like the golf course community, I’ve never lived in that much grassy area.” — Darin Mitchell on his written statement that the under-the-table agreement with his campaign manager allowed him to “test drive” a home in Legislative District 13 while he ran for office there.

“The statute’s not a model of clarity, but we’ll get a ballot out one way or another.” — Maricopa County Election Director Karen Osborne in a Sept. 12 interview about the printing problems posed by the challenge to Darin Mitchell’s residency.

“With my whole heart and soul, I want this state to throw up Constantin Querard and say he’s not welcome here.” — Attorney Tom Ryan on his motivation for representing Rep. Russ Jones in his attempt to get Darin Mitchell, one of Querard’s clients, off of the ballot.

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