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Arizona House considers warrants for police drones

Law enforcement agencies in Arizona would need search warrants before using unmanned aircraft to gather evidence if a measure being debated by the state House of Representatives becomes law.

The House is expected to vote on the civil liberties measure Thursday.

Drone-obtained evidence collected without a warrant must be thrown out in court under the proposed law.

The bill contains exemptions allowing drone use without a warrant. One comes into play if the federal Department of Homeland Security determines drones are needed to prevent a terrorist attack. The other kicks in when swift action is needed to prevent an escape, evidence destruction or imminent danger.

If approved by the Legislature and governor, the measure would take effect in July.

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    DNichols44 minutes ago

    “I have been constantly Harassed by Noisy Spying Helicopters, and Drone (U.A.V.’s) for over Nine Years, I have sent many letters to The Government, including two Presidents now, asking if these Gutless Peeping Tom Perverted Cowards prefer me in my shower, or on my toilet?!

    I have explained that I have a Front Door to my American Home, and suggested they quit peeping through my windows and find an ounce of courage to simply face me?!

    These Massive Spying Programs are using disguised Helicopters, and Drones loaded with un-constitutional high tech Thermal Veiwing, and Laser Listening to watch “We the People ” inside the so called “Privacy of our American Homes”.

    They fly over Arizona in zones disguised as phony jet Airliners, Fed Ex, and private Aircrafts such as Piper, Mooney, v-wings, Bi Planes ect.

    To see a couple of these disguised drones see my You Tube Post: “Un-reported Near Miss over Arizona”.

    These are a phony Southwest Jet Drone, and a phony Piper Navajo crossing directly above my Home.

    Our Founding Fathers would have lined every Peeping Perverted Coward in these Spying Programs up infront of a firing Squad.

    Our “Real Troops” fought and Died to protect our Freedom, and Constitutional Rights!

    P.S. Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley spent $10,000.00 to have his Office swept for Arpaio’s Bugs, Stapley didn’t know of Arpaio’s Drones.

    To: Liberty.”

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