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House lets foster parents’ kids skip vaccines


A bill allowing Arizonans to become foster parents even if their own children haven’t been immunized is headed to the governor after passing the House following a lengthy debate.

Tuesday’s 33-24 party-line vote in the Republican-controlled House wasn’t enough of a margin to tack an emergency clause onto the bill that would have it take effect immediately if the governor signs it.

Democrats opposed the bill, saying they believe it was driven by philosophical opposition to vaccination requirements and will put foster children at risk.

Republicans argued the bill was about allowing children currently stuck in foster care to be taken into loving homes.

The elimination of the current requirement for immunizations for foster parents’ natural or adoptive children would not affect the state’s requirement for immunizations for foster children.


  1. Jane Horton-Leasman

    Foolish! No child in our schools should not be immunized. Seems kids in Foster Care are just there for an income for some of these so-called “foster families”. The welfare of the children should always be to immunize.

    There are so many illegals who crawl across our Southern border (especially) with God knows what, it is a wonder we haven’t had an outbreak of the worst of diseases that we thought we were rid of.

  2. This is wonderful. Thank you, God! My husband and I chose not to immunize our baby of which jeopardized our foster license (we continue the vaccination schedule for our foster kids).

    We love all our kids and couldn’t imagine losing them due to our decision to not immunize, but we don’t believe vaccinations are safe nor are they ALL necessary. The risks of vaccinations are too great. Instead we choose having a healthy lifestyle; proper nutrition, exercise, etc.

    We don’t rely on the income for our foster children. Actually, we would do this without the income. And, there is a lot of evidence that supports eradication of deadly diseases were not due to vaccinations. If society could eat better, wash their hands more and maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost their immunity we would be safe from disease outbreaks. I’m not opposed to vaccinations if the ingredients weren’t so risky.

  3. I am a pediatric occupational therapist and former foster parent. After adopting two of our foster children we were also blessed with a biological child. We have made a well-educated decision NOT to immunize our biological child. Do the research people and your minds and hearts will change regarding putting those poisons in your child’s body. As a therapist I have treated many children with the devastating effects of immunizations. I would love to still be of service to the children in foster care and I surely hope the governor does the right thing and signs it. We are still in America and should have the freedom to choose what we think is best for our own children!

  4. I am also needing the bill number so I can track its progress. Thanks!

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