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Arizona transgender bathroom bill won’t move

The sponsor of an Arizona bill targeting transgendered people who want to use bathrooms of the gender they identify with says he’s giving up on the issue this Legislative session.

Republican Rep. John Kavanagh said Wednesday there’s concern in his caucus about some of his proposal’s definitions, so it will have to be shelved until next year.

Kavanagh caused a national uproar in March when he proposed the bathroom privacy language.

The original bill would have made it a crime for a transgendered person to use a bathroom other than the one designated for his or her birth sex.

After an outcry from advocacy groups, Kavanagh changed the measure to instead shield businesses from civil or criminal liability if they ban people from restrooms that don’t match their birth sex.

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  1. I thought the whole point of restrooms is to have a private place to pee and poop. If we’re going to have to prove we’re going behind the correct door, we may as well **** on the sidewalk like dogs. That way people such as John Kavanagh can sniff our behinds to see if we’ve wiped properly.

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Kavanagh, What a effing waste of time and taxpayers’ $$$’s on your police-state agenda. What happened to getting the government out of our lives?

    Work at reforming Arizona’s broken criminal justice laws you’ve help put in place that are taking individuals’ rights away, destroying innocent lives and families?

    It’s hard to have any respect for the lawmakers in Arizona who are hell-bent on building the “business model” for the state into a “prison-state” for the nation. A dumping grounds for the conservative states who are reforming laws, closing useless prisons and saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. We’ve had enough of your tyranny!

  3. Concerned Citizen

    JMeade, As graphic as your comment is — that one would not want to hear — it is the reality the Arizona legislators have created for the “people”. Who would create such a bill unless they had their own personal issues. Very sick.

    Your comment is spot-on!

    Kavanagh pulled the bill out of the hat, AFTER the closing of ALL new bills. Why doesn’t he do this with reforming Arizona draconian mandatory minimum Sentencing bills that puts ALL at risk for being “violent criminals” in Arizona? Wake up, folks!

    Kavanagh and the Judiciary: REVISE A.R.S. 13-604 AND 13-702.1

  4. Concerned Citizen

    As taxpayers and voters,we do NOT want to see this bill come back again, wasting time and our scarce taxpayers’ dollars for Kavanagh’s personal agenda!

    Time needs to be spent on giving back rights to the people of Arizona! They have none with a scheme of “statutes” that violate the U.S. Constitution.

    This **** bill is the tip of the iceberg, while they grow their private corporation prisons to throw those they do not want, into.

    Wake up, folks!

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