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Arizona speaks: Treat immigrants humanely and reform the system now

While we spend millions of dollars to invite people from around the world to enjoy our climate and our hospitality, the message we send is quite different when it comes to immigration and those who make their way into this state in a desperate effort to feed and care for their families. Focusing exclusively on border security postpones the search for long-term, comprehensive solutions to our broken immigration system and places millions across this country in a state of limbo.

We know there are border issues that must be addressed. The fact that there are criminal cartels that run drugs, weapons and people into our state and country is without question unacceptable. We need to do everything we can to stop these organized criminal activities.

We also need a compassionate system to immigrate those who seek personal safety or remain separated from their family. These people are willing to risk their lives in the desert for the chance to dwell among us and be fully engaged in contributing to the communities we call home.

Regardless of your political persuasion, our country’s current immigration policy represents a broken system urgently needing reform. But those entrusted to enact such reform have chosen to postpone rather than respond now to the needs of those families impacted by this issue.

We need our elected leaders to lead. We need to provide a legal pathway to allow those who are already here to continue to contribute to the well-being of both their families and our state. We need to do what is morally right and reverse the tragic results of a broken system that cries out for reform.

Nearly 400 Arizona community leaders representing education, law enforcement, business, religion, health care and social services met simultaneously in four cities — Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma and Sedona — on Nov. 21 at “Arizona Speaks.’’ These community leaders called for our congressional delegation, House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama to begin working on immigration reform. As a group, we issued a powerful and urgent call for both parties and the president to address immigration reform now.

We also invite others to join in this appeal, to urge our leaders to act now rather than wait for some more politically convenient time. Arizona — it’s your turn to speak. The human cost is simply too high to silently sit back and do nothing.

The Rev. Stephen Talmage is bishop of the Grand Canyon Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Denise Resnik is a business leader and Real AZ Coalition co-founder. 


  1. The give-away to illegal aliens is very slyly coordinated, so most of the truth is hidden under a government blanket of secrecy. Very few states publicize the actual cost to support people who slipped past our borders. California is the only state that through the Los Angeles COUNTY Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich prints the actual projected amount of 1.6 Billion dollars annually, not counting the education costs. REMEMBER THIS IS JUST ONE COUNTY? The bulk who arrive by plane are not recognized as illegal, but “Overstays” there visa, but as yet NOTHING has been done to stop the 45 percent who stays, after the visa has expired. A further development is the “birth Tourism” with pregnant mothers coming to America as a visitor, and becoming yet another statistic in leaving after birthing their progeny and returning to country of origin with a child possessing an U.S. birth certificate. Most participant mothers are wealthy and just want that child to claim citizenship, when coming of age.

    The invasion of illegal aliens into our nation has become a nasty war? The majority of Americans don’t want to see the importation of more poverty. All the Senate Gang of 8 amnesty if passed would import 30 million more people; many needing welfare while citizens and lawful residents jobless are still trying to provide for their family. Amongst this turmoil Sen. Sessions of Alabama, introduced an amendment to a bill that would reduce pensions to active and retired members of the armed services, but the Democrats derailed it, widening a loophole giving illegal alien parents supplementary tax credits to their children.

    In other words any person who has heard that stark crazy idiot Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada can smuggle their child into America and then collect the proceeds, which added up to $4.2 billion refundable credits in 2010. After the procedural move blocking his amendment, Sen. Session said, “They voted to block the Senate from working to improve this tax-and-spend deal, adding “by blocking my amendment, they voted to cut pensions for wounded warriors. Senators in this chamber have many valid ideas for replacing these pension cuts, including my proposal to close the tax welfare loophole for illegal filers, and all deserved a fair and open hearing. But they were denied.”

    Birthright Citizenship addressed in the 14th Amendment, but it has been screwed up over decades and originally meant for the emancipation of slaves, not for illegal aliens to supplement their income through there children claiming immediate citizenship and the entitlements claimed. Only the Tea Party, a growing third party will apply the “Rule of Law” and not the misconception that children born of illegal foreign nationals can apply for these benefits.

    This is just one abuse of Taxpayers money as both parties are guilty of corruption selling favors to the highest bidder. Why do you think Special interest lobbyists and all the others hang around Capitol Hill? Many politicians spend their time bowing to anybody who can cram their campaign chest with dollars. The only chance is viewing how their votes and then electing good people in their stead, such as Sen. Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz and the limited few who really there to protect THE PEOPLE’S rights, the Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution.

    Illegal immigration is burning up State and federal resources and the Obama Administration has ignored the true enforcement laws on this ugly issue, along with many more that have been revealed in his presidency. There is no precedence in judicial history of a president who has written off the House of Representatives and carried out his own demands using prosecutorial discretion in implementing any Socialist Ideology his fellow leftists dream up?

    We are in a terrible situation with fraudulent voting, theft of jobs by foreigners with stolen Social Security numbers and credit theft. Another incident happened today with 60 million Target shoppers having their personal information illegally downloaded. This is yet another credit identity theft situation and its time we had a foolproof means to stop criminals. All citizens should be issued with a tamper-proof biometric Social Security card that cannot be duplicated or used by another person. It will stop illegal aliens taking employment from citizens, stop non-citizens stealing the vote and will bring to a halt finally credit information procurement.

    All grassroots’ organizations including Judicial Watch, Numbersusa and Watchdog are fighting to wipe clean Congress of those who consciously vote against commonsense laws and to make sure the Framers of this America don’t turn in their graves.

  2. “illegal immigration is ruining our state and country—-taking billions away from veterans and Black Americans

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