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What’s After 60,000?

If a citizen breaks the law and no law enforcement action is taken, what message does that send to everyone else? This is exactly what’s happening with our immigration laws in America. That’s why my deputies encounter many criminal illegals who admit to being deported as many as 15 times. The laws apply to American citizens, but if you’re an illegal from a foreign country — it appears the laws do not apply and there are few if any real consequences.

The very hope of 60,000 unaccompanied juveniles from Central America was realized when they were welcomed with open arms. What message does this send the millions of future illegals in Mexico and Central America? If you make it to the border and say you’re fleeing violence — you’re home free.

The most humanitarian response would be to place these children on planes, return them back to their country of origin and reunite them with their families. If we fail to do this, we invite future waves of refugees.

— Paul Babeu is Pinal County sheriff.


  1. Sheriff Babeu, you should have enforced our laws and the consequences thereof when you embarked on a personal relationship with someone you threatened to deport because they were not legally here either. We do have laws for refugees seeking asylum and that includes unaccompanied children. If we follow those laws, we are not agreeing to anything further than what those laws allow. Badgering and threatening the children with little compassion is not the answer. Following our laws is. If these laws need to be changed because they are outdated and in their present state do not protect the United States interests, then our elected officials should help to develop laws that are more effective today. Unwilling legislators on taxpayers payroll are not doing their jobs and some who were elected to enforce and follow our laws are not either. What is a taxpayer to do, but vote them out of office and find some who care more about this nation than their ideologies and political parties. Sorry, not sold on you.

  2. Remember when the REPUBLICAN party demonized Attorney-General Janet Reno, for ENFORCING our immigration laws, in the Elian Gonzales case?
    Remember when the REPUBLICAN party WANTED to let foreign born Arnold Schwarzenegger run for president?

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