Feb 7, 2022

AG Brnovich: Arizona can ‘engage in war’ on border

The actions of drug cartels and smugglers on the border constitute an “invasion” that allows Gov. Doug Ducey to use the National Guard to “engage in war,” according to Attorney General Mark Brnovich.  In a new legal opinion Monday, Brnovich says the U.S. Constitution says a state may defend itself when it has been “actually […]

Feb 15, 2018

We can save money and lives with community health workers

If you have ever faced a serious health threat or have a chronic condition, you know that treatment and the road to recovery can be complicated.

Nov 29, 2017

Investing in preventative health care would pay huge dividends

If I had one wish for the future of health and health care, it would be a simple one. Lawmakers and agency policymakers would use evidence to develop public policy. Policy decisions and resource allocation would be driven by data and prioritized by long-term return on investment.

Nov 29, 2017

Lawmakers should reject Pew proposal for ‘dental therapists’

The Pew Foundation and its allies of convenience want the Legislature to green light “dental therapists.” They say this will improve dental health care for poor and rural Arizonans. Yet these dental therapists, empowered to do irreversible surgeries such as pulling teeth, will have minimal training – nothing at all like what dentists, pediatric dentists and oral surgeons receive before they [...]

Nov 29, 2017

Nurses are playing a more prominent role in providing safe, quality care

Nurses exist to help patients – that’s our top priority. So, when we look at the state of health care in 2017, it’s through the lens of whether it is getting easier or harder for patients to access the care they need. The answer is, it’s a mixed bag. Arizona nurses are playing a more prominent role in providing safe, quality care. But not all of the news is good; uncertainty swirls around [...]

Nov 29, 2017

Beyond the noise: health care’s journey to clarity

It may sound ridiculous to remind everyone that we only have one body, with many parts. Yet we’ve created a system of health care that serves distinct parts carved out from each other – mind, body, teeth. This fragmentation has created a maze of confusion.

Nov 29, 2017

Repeal and replace offers way out of ACA’s limited choices

Our state has already enabled innovative care models, such as Direct Primary Care practices and Health Care Sharing Ministries. By lifting the regulatory burdens that create barriers to health care choice, these models have met the needs of thousands in Arizona, and the number of participants is growing annually.

Nov 29, 2017

Congress needs to do its job – renew funding for children’s health insurance

Called KidsCare in Arizona, CHIP now covers more than 23,000 children across our state. It has helped bring the rate of Arizona children with health insurance to a historic high at 92.7 percent. Instead of celebrating, families have been thrown into uncertainty as the fate of their children’s health care hangs in the balance.

Nov 29, 2017

Rural hospitals continue to provide quality care, despite facing challenges

We must pay more to attract physicians and specialists who may otherwise prefer to work in the Phoenix or Tucson areas. Personnel expenses now account for 75 percent of our total operational costs, and we have been recruiting for another primary care physician to join our team for the past two years.

Nov 20, 2017

GOP lawmaker alleges Phoenix gouges Paradise Valley for sewer service

Rep. Maria Syms, R-Paradise Valley, is requesting that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich issue a formal opinion regarding the legality of what she described as the “excessive” and “disproportionate” sewer rates being charged to Paradise Valley residents by the city of Phoenix.

In this Oct. 22, 2015, photo, former Department of Economic Security director Tim Jeffries stands outside his former office, adorned with a "Director J :)" sign. (Photo by Rachel Leingang, Arizona Capitol Times)
Aug 12, 2016

AG finds DES chief broke no laws using state email for ‘personal religious vacation’

Tim Jeffries, director of the Department of Economic Security, broke no laws in emailing agency staffers about his trip to Lourdes and offering to take their written “special intentions” to the holy grotto, the Attorney General’s Office concluded on Aug. 11.

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Nov 20, 2015

Arizona is ready for meaningful criminal justice reform

Policy leaders from across the country met in Arizona today to discuss whether Arizona needs to consider sentencing reform. Representatives of organizations with very different political view came together with a shared commitment to both safe and strong neighborhoods, and smaller numbers of people behind bars.