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Planned Parenthood shows lack of consideration for humanity

The recent revelations that came from the video posted about Planned Parenthood’s use of the donated tissues of fetuses are sickening. The notion that Planned Parenthood could be selling the tissues acquired from these abortions leaves a bad taste in the mouth. This situation should not be a partisan issue; this is not about pro-life or pro-choice. This is a humanist issue, the selling of tissues is ethically wrong.

Planned Parenthood would have you believe that the video released by the Center of Medical Progress shows a national-level Planned Parenthood Executive discussing monetary compensation for costs of storage and transportation of donated fetal tissues. What peaks my interest about this is that it is the first time we’ve heard of this. Why, if this is standard procedure, does this video recall images of backdoor business deals? The impression that this video gives is that of an organization with a distinctive lack of transparency.

Sen. Catherine Miranda

Sen. Catherine Miranda

Too often this debate falls into the trap of legality, the political realm, and it is dehumanized. Ultimately this is the trap; this is playing into what Planned Parenthood wants. They treat these fetal tissues as a commodity and fail to recognize the human element inherent in all of this. Those tissues are human. They come from a human. Yet we label them fetal tissue. We do not protect them from this process because they are to be used for research and not transplantation. And while this is a serious federal oversight, it is not the issue at hand.

The issue is the complete lack of consideration for humanity Planned Parenthood is demonstrating with its processes. The executive speaks openly on the subject of utilizing the forceps to extract particular organs intact. What regard is the doctor showing to the woman who is undergoing this procedure? There is no argument that could be made to defend putting the state of these tissues above the comfort and safety of the women undergoing the procedure, whose doctor is more engaged in ensuring the intact state of these developing organs. Does this seem like an organization that is concerned with the health and wellness of women?

Planned Parenthood has challenged me in the past, by undermining my pro-life stance. I am a woman and a Democrat who is openly pro-life. I refuse to hide from my values. It is a core part of who I am and what I strongly believe in. Can Planned Parenthood really say the same given this video and their subsequent reaction to its content? In my view, they are behaving as a corrupt organization. They are refusing to admit wrongdoing and are attempting to explain away the black and white of their actions.

Ultimately, until Planned Parenthood admits to their mistake, what they are committing is all-out sinister. They are profiting from these fetal tissues. Abortion is never justifiable in my mind; I believe that we should instead fund programs that would lower the rate of abortions through those means. Treat the cause not the symptom. When I leave this world I will be held accountable for every vote cast and word uttered, above all criticisms or laws on this earth. I for one choose life and I will always do so. Making money off of loss and pain? That is the exact opposite of what Planned Parenthood should stand for.

Sen. Catherine Miranda is a Democrat who represents Legislative District 27.


  1. Well said Senator, thank you!

  2. By now, we have all seen the video that prompted Sen. Miranda’s opinion piece and pieces by many others. Some of the language choices by the Planned Parenthood doctor caught in the video are indeed unfortunate. However, I would make a couple of points:

    (1) The use of human post mortem tissue for medical training and research, clinical use, diagnostics, record-keeping, audit and other uses is as old as ancient Greece and has had widespread impact on the development and availability of many drugs and medical treatments we rely upon today. Somewhere in the discussions of each of these uses, the source and sourcing of such tissues must be discussed. If we were all bio-medical scientists, these discussions would not seem so foreign and offensive (albeit, as noted, the doctor involved was particularly insensitive in her use of language and should know better). Additionally, there is an impressive network of laws, regulations and rules governing the use of such tissues, including informed consent, and nowhere in the video or the many critical opinion pieces is there a claim that PP is violating those laws. Check this article for more about the laws governing the medical uses of human tissue.

    (2) The video and the vitriol it has generated are based largely on our “feelings” about babies. This is intentional, so as to steer us away from the reality mentioned in #1 above. Check this article if you’d like to understand this problem better.

    I know that those who oppose Choice will continue to manipulate information. But the rest of us can be less knee-jerk and more pragmatic in response. Unless we’d really like to stymie medical research.

  3. I’m glad there is at least one Democrat who believes in humanity over the demagoguery of narrative. Selling baby parts is wrong. End of story. Benefitting off of the misery of women who have come to the likely worst point in their life is wrong. Slapping a dozen papers and having women who are in crisis sign that they are giving “informed consent” to have the parts of their babies sold to researchers is wrong. There are plenty of nations that have engaged in “medical research” that were forced on prisoners, on people who could not defend themselves, and it was wrong.

    The Nazi medical research directed by Himmler was wrong. Japanese Unit 731 human experimentation and the immunity given to those doctors was wrong. The USA’s the Tuskegee experiment was wrong. The ends do not justify the means.

    I’m sure those Jews, Chinese, and black Americans that suffered under those programs (to mention only a very few of how many of these programs have existed) don’t have a knee-jerk reaction and can tell you where to put your pragmatism in the name of your medical research. The Nuremberg Code was developed due to people who view humanity as potential test subjects to further science.

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