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McCain names key campaign staff for 2016 re-election effort

John McCain

John McCain

Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain is gearing up for his 2016 re-election effort by naming key members of his campaign staff.

McCain on Sunday said Ryan O’Daniel will serve as his campaign manager as he prepares to face a primary challenge from state Sen. Kelli Ward of Lake Havasu City. Two lesser-known Republicans are also in the race.

O’Daniel worked on Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s 2014 campaign as a senior policy adviser and on his transition team.

Stephen Shadegg, the son of former Rep. John Shadegg, will serve as political director and deputy campaign manager.

Lorna Romero, a former legislative affairs director for Gov. Jan Brewer, will be communications director, and former Ducey staffer Blaze Baggs will work as field director.

Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is seeking the Democratic nomination.

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  1. I’d like to see McCain make it through the GOP primary as well as Kirkpatrick for the Dem primary…
    I can beat both of these career politicians violators of their Oath of Office and won’t need to worry about pulling punches.

    Someone has to work for the people.
    “We want our Liberty back. We’re not asking.”

    JL Mealer

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