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State representative indicted in alleged food stamp scam


A state grand jury has indicted a Democratic lawmaker on allegations she ripped off the state’s food stamp program.

Cecilia Velasquez, D-Litchfield Park, stands accused of fraud, unlawful use of food stamps, and theft by misrepresentation, all low-level felonies.

Velasquez denied the charges on Twitter.

“I have done nothing wrong!” she wrote. “This is a political witch hunt. I’m confident that justice WILL prevail once all the facts are known.”

Rep. Ceci Velasquez

Rep. Ceci Velasquez

The indictment was handed down in May and unsealed on June 20. Velasquez, 42, will be arraigned July 5 in Maricopa County Superior Court. A press release from the Arizona Department of Economic Security did not provide details of the alleged crime, but the indictment indicates she received $1,726 in food stamps by fraud.

Velasquez was not arrested. She was served with the indictment at her home on June 2.

Velasquez, who is pursuing a paralegal degree, took office in 2015 as she was wanted by authorities in connection with a trio of traffic tickets in 2010. A warrant was out for her arrest for failing to complete her payment plan for $2,000 in traffic fines. A friend paid the fines for her.

Other traffic charges since 2008 also landed Velasquez in hot water.  She was found guilty in Phoenix Municipal Court of not having valid insurance four times, and not having current registration two other times. She also failed to appear in court on charges of not changing her name and address on her license in 2010. She was most recently found guilty of speeding and failing to avoid a collision earlier this year.


  1. In no way does this approach the harm our GOP Governor, and majority Legislator’s do in denying Women’s Rights and those of the LGBTQ Communities, minorities and immigrants. These cretins, moreover are only too happy to indulge the smarmy churches and other special interests.

  2. ACT is the only local publication to even mention that this woman is a Democrat. Media bias on full display elsewhere…….glad to see fair and balanced reporting here. Whenever a Democrat is caught in a legitimate crime, there is always some liberal screaming about alleged things that Republicans have done, even when the accusations are not based in fact. Liberals will never just admit that their counterpart did something wrong. They must be forever blameless. This is why we can no longer have these people running our country.

  3. With the bar so low for the behavior of elected officials, at this point what difference does it make? Liberals have decided that laws don’t matter, only whatever ideals they think are important today. Tomorrow will be something else for them to whine about as they insist that laws should only apply to the people that don’t think as they do.

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