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Arizona lawmakers to California: Can we help you secede from the union?

(Graphic by Katie Campbell/Arizona Capitol Times)Goodbye, California. State Rep. Mark Finchem won’t be sad to see you go.

On the contrary, the Oro Valley Republican is happy to sever California’s ties from the union.

Finchem today introduced a concurrent resolution supporting California’s secession from the United States. For some Arizona legislators like Finchem, California is Arizona’s awful neighbor to the west who has obstructed federal laws in an effort to promote the “illegal naturalization of foreigners.”

“Arizonans, in deep respect of the United States of America and our constitutional republic that secures the blessings of liberty to us and our posterity, give complete support to California’s secession,” states HCR2021, which was co-sponsored by Rep. David Stringer, R-Prescott.

According to the resolution, California’s form of government is in direct conflict with that of Arizona and the U.S., and therefore it should secede and establish a new form of government that “seems most likely to effect their happiness.”

Arizona’s support for California’s secession, the resolution states, is “with the hope of mutual happiness” for both Arizona and California.

“California’s obstruction of the constitutional laws of this republic and its efforts to obstruct federal law are a continued threat to the citizens for its efforts to promote sanctuary policies for the sake of illegal naturalization of foreigners, refusing to recognize the rule of law and the constitutional and legal rights of citizens,” the resolution adds.


  1. A typical responce from someone that does not like policies of California, does not understand the law, or is looking to blame someone for their lack of constitutional policy ideas. Laws in California that are not constitutional are subject to judicial review. Just as ours in Arizona. A good example would be SB1070 that was mostly found unconstitutional.

    Encouraging another State of the Union to Severe its ties with the United States is pathetic. This legislator should consentrate on making Arizona a better place.

  2. I’m sure Rep. Finchem, that font of democracy, will be happy to provide funding to make up for the literally tens of billions of dollars that Arizona and other poorer states suck out of California (and other richer states, like New York and Massachusetts) via the IRS and Congress.

    Moreover, without Californians flocking here as tourists and university students paying top dollar for recreation and education, without California allowing its water to be diverted to our parched state, and without the energy and stimulation that Arizona derives being next to the world’s eighth-largest economy and dynamic culture, we’d be about in the same situation as desert peoples elsewhere: plodding behind our herds of sheep, bouncing on our camels.

    Reactionaries like Finchem are only too eager to return Arizona back to prehistoric standards, so his little cadre of bullies, abusers, and evangelists can get back to running the state entirely on their own terms.

    Personally, I think it would be more productive for Arizona if Finchem and his clan up and departed for somewhere they’d be happier, like Myanmar, Poland, Hungary, even Russia — though I doubt that Russia would want to take a chance on it.

  3. Robert Ostreicher

    Thanks for supporting California. When it happens I’ll be the first to leave this Republican hellhole called Arizona. But don’t be supprised if much of the state goes with Calif. Other than The Republican base in Maricopa County at lot of the state is Democratic. It wouldn’t bother me at all to see Maricopa County land locked. I’d bet the Northern and Southern parts of the state would go not problem. Remember Baja Arizona.

  4. Really? Do our legislators have nothing better to do than waste time on nonsense like this? If California (or any state) passes any law that is unconstitutional, it will be challenged in court and forced to change or repeal. That’s the American way. Shouldn’t we be focusing in on important issues here at home instead of wasting time insulting our neighbors?

  5. Once again, our lawmakers didn’t bother to fact-check before proposing a childish, erroneous resolution. California is NOT seceding from the United States. A bunch of rural California counties (conservative Republicans) are attempting to form a separate state called New California, not leave the US entirely. Just astounding that our elected officials don’t know how to do a simple internet search before they formally embarrass the entire state.

  6. Im boston.scott lived in tucson for a while and truly nobody can say Arizona caresabout anything but arizona why would Az want to help Cali lets see prison pouplation after all az is a nogood. Cop lyin prison state designed to ruin lives families and all else prusumtive this ******* az sucks and so does their fkd up system they can have that caxtus tweeker dirtbowl crawling with sideways cops junkies and hobos

  7. wow arizona is getn bad as cali reading these stupid reactions lol im from arkansas and most states will be glad to help cali idiots leave !!!

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