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Black lives do matter

Dear Editor:

When are Governor Ducey and local papers going to forcefully state Black Lives Matter? It seems like any strong support or comments that would benefit the Black community are not front page news.  Why, because a majority of Caucasians are clueless with regards to the humiliation or offenses perpetrated against men, women, and children of color in Arizona.  White folks often make comments that people of color should be more polite or submissive when they are being harassed, vilified, or physically abused. How about putting yourself in their shoes on a daily basis? The finger pointing and accusations need to stop.  Instead, respect, understanding, empathy, and education need to be front and center.

Joan Rose



  1. Oh come on. One thing I noticed when I moved here almost 18 years ago from the Detroit area is that people don’t make color a big issue here in Arizona and I rather liked that. It helped me put away and I guess repress all that I had seen and experienced with Black people in the Detroit area. Now that it has basically exploded and forcefully pushed onto the agenda with ridiculous demands at every angle, all those feelings I have put away have come back and many other people I know have experienced the same feelings. All lives matter and nobody is saying they don’t. If Black people want to keep themself in the victim box, that’s their choice. They have many options of making something of themselves and many have risen to the top because of their good attitude and determination. Respect for every aspect of your life is earned not just given because you want to take it no matter what color you are. Systemic racism will end when people stop doing the very thing they were being judged for in the first place. Maybe in other places it’s more prominent, but not here in Arizona as I have seen. Why make a big deal out of something that’s not a big deal?

  2. Joan, what are you talking about? I was born and raised in this state, and I cannot agreeing with any of your nonsense. What in God’s name are you watching on TV? Whatever it is, change the channel and go outside for a walk.

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