Lake, appeal, governor, Hobbs, election
Aug 29, 2023

Lake can argue she’s entitled to review signatures on ballot envelopes

Kari Lake is going to get a chance to argue she's entitled to examine signatures on ballot envelopes from the 2022 election in her bid to overturn the gubernatorial election.

Backpage, New Times, trial, prostitutes, ads
Aug 29, 2023

Backpage founder faces 2nd trial over what prosecutors say was scheme to sell sex through ad sales

A founder of the lucrative classified site Backpage.com will face his second trial on charges of facilitating prostitution and laundering money in what authorities say was a scheme to knowingly sell ads for sex on the site.

Hamadeh, court, Mayes
Aug 24, 2023

Arizona Supreme Court rules against attorney seeking to void 2022 election

The state's high court has tossed out a bid to void the results of the entire 2022 election.

Fish and Wildlife, lawsuit, snakes, Arizona Game and Fish
Aug 22, 2023

Environmental group files lawsuit tied to snakes’ survival

A Tucson-based environmental group is accusing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of illegally altering its rules in ways that will harm the ability of two snakes to survive in Arizona and New Mexico.

Lake, Richer, Maricopa County, lawsuit, election
Aug 22, 2023

Lake trying to get Richer’s defamation lawsuit thrown out

Failed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake says she had a absolute right to publicly accuse Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer of illegally sabotaging the election with mis-sized ballots even though a judge ruling in her challenge to the 2022 election had already rejected that complaint as unproven.

condominium, Arizona Supreme Court, couple, court of appeals
Aug 21, 2023

Couple forced from condominium taking fight to court

Jie Cao and Haining “Frazer” Xia did not want to leave their home. But after an investment company bought the majority of the units in the couple’s condominium complex and voted to sell the unwilling remaining residents' units to themselves, Cao and Xia were forced out. 

Aug 18, 2023

Attorney asks court for redo of 2022 election

A Scottsdale attorney who is a supporter of Kari Lake is asking the Arizona Supreme Court to void not just the results of the race for governor she lost but the entire 2023 election statewide.

Hamadeh, court, Mayes
Aug 16, 2023

Court rules against neighbors who challenged billboards

Being offended by a new billboard in your neighborhood does not give you the legal right to challenge a decision by local officials to allow it, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.

transgender girls, sports, Petersen, Toma, lawsuit, students, judge, birth certificates
Aug 11, 2023

Judge will let children sue on behalf of transgender people tied to birth certificates

A federal judge will allow several children to sue on behalf of all transgender people born in Arizona to force the state to change the gender on their birth certificates.

Miranda rights, arrest, Arizona Court of Appeals, right to remain silent, police, Fifth Amendment
Jul 31, 2023

Court rules right of those accused of crimes to remain silent is absolute

The right of those accused of crimes to remain silent is absolute and can't then be used against them at trial, the Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled.

Lake, Hobbs, election, governor
Jul 26, 2023

Lake can’t jump the line in her attempt to overturn her loss to Hobbs

Kari Lake isn't going to get to jump the line in her bid to overturn her loss of the gubernatorial race to Katie Hobbs.

Mexican spotted owl, jaguars, lawsuit, Center for Biological Diversity, Arizona Mining Reform Coalition, mining exploration projects
Jul 17, 2023

Conservationists sue to stop mineral exploration in biologically diverse southern Arizona mountains

Conservation groups are suing to stop two mineral exploration projects in southern Arizona's biologically diverse Patagonia Mountains.