wrongfully convicted, Arizona Justice Project, Innocence Network conference
Apr 17, 2023

‘I was wrongfully convicted’: Exonerated Arizonan fights to change criminal justice

Khalil Rushdan, who was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder and incarcerated for 15 years, spoke at the spoke at the Innocence Network conference on April 14 and 15 in Phoenix.

Feb 24, 2022

Advocates seek change to felony murder law

Taneysha Carter’s brothers were convicted of murder in 2011 even though they didn’t actually kill anyone. Now Carter, a Phoenix resident, is fighting to end Arizona’s felony murder rule that stipulates a person who commits certain types of felonies can be charged with murder and face a life sentence if someone dies in the course […]

Dec 6, 2013

CPS forum – Messages offer a ray of hope that could lead to reforms

Speakers at a Dec. 3 CPS Community Forum stepped to the microphone three minutes at a time for two hours to deliver old news: Foster parents get no respect, caseworkers are overworked and underpaid, and the Legislature is tight-fisted.

Nov 13, 2013

Advocates press on, despite grim 2013 outlook for immigration reform

Immigration overhaul advocates said they will keep fighting, despite a House Republican leader’s comment last week that there is not enough time left on this year’s legislative calendar to act on the issue.

Arizona marijuana law to be tested in court
Nov 11, 2013

Arizona targets lax medical marijuana doctors

Arizona health officials are looking to root out physicians who are improperly recommending medical marijuana for patients who claim to suffer from chronic pain.

Nov 5, 2013

Small cadre of attorneys share spotlight where law and politics collide

Bush v. Gore is the ultimate example of politics and law intersecting and it shows how lawyers can affect an election in a dramatic way. But in Arizona, every election cycle brings its own set of controversies to be settled in the courtroom.

Oct 30, 2013

Advocates, doctors urge state to add PTSD to medical pot treatment

Mike Ulinger, who retired after 30 years as a Phoenix firefighter, said he couldn’t go anywhere or do anything and became an alcoholic to self-treat post-traumatic stress disorder he attributes to his job.

Oct 29, 2013

Immigration-reform advocates take appeal to an international stage

WASHINGTON – After months of pushing national leaders for action on immigration reform, advocates Monday took their appeal to an international stage, telling the Organization of American States that U.S. immigration policy violates human rights. A coalition of church groups, academics, labor unions and others appeared before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to argue […]

Oct 24, 2013

Immigration backers keep pressure on House with rallies, conferences

Phoenix resident Hassan Quiz had passed all the tests toward his dream of being in the military when he ran up against one he couldn’t pass.

Apr 19, 2013

Opponents say higher contribution limits violate Clean Elections, Voter Protection Act

A provision in the 1998 ballot measure that created Arizona’s Clean Elections system may hold the key to whether the state’s new campaign contribution limits will go into effect for 2014.