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Ducey’s desalination plan clears first hurdle  (access required)

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A plan pushed by Gov. Doug Ducey to use desalinated seawater to address Arizona’s water woes crossed a major hurdle today. Despite transparency concerns from lawmakers, the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority board unanimously approved a resolution today directing the board chairman and staff to begin discussions with IDE Technologies, an Israeli company planning to build a desalination plant on the Sea of Cortez in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. 

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Managing, conserving water a continual priority

Our groundwater must be protected and safeguarded through the best management possible. And we must remain vigilant and wise to ensure reliable water supplies can support responsible growth. This is why continued planning, investing, and being efficient with our water is vital now and for our collective future. 

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Unifying Colorado River policy to avoid water shortage (access required)

(Photo by Ellen O'Brien)

Collaboration is often touted as key to Arizona’s successes in water management, and it is. We just forget how messy, cantankerous, and difficult collaborating can be. We are seeing it again this summer as the state wrestles with Colorado River and groundwater issues in a stakeholder process led by Gov. Doug Ducey.

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Not a drop to spare (access required)

The 100th anniversary of Salt River Project’s Theodore Roosevelt Dam this month put the exclamation point on how important effective water management is to life in the Valley of the Sun.

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