Jun 24, 2016

Living on a mat and a sheet: Phoenix overflow shelters to close in October

The overflow shelters on the Human Services Campus are set to close by the end of October, and local officials and nonprofits are working hard to find a more permanent housing arrangement for the residents who need it.

Jul 9, 2015

Cochise County Democrat headquarters at risk of closing

The Cochise County Democratic Committee's headquarters may have to close and relocate to a small trailer if they do not see an increase in member donations.

Oct 8, 2013

Shutdown can’t keep Arizona vets from visiting World War II Memorial

A government shutdown could not keep 77 southern Arizona veterans from seeing “their” World War II Memorial Monday.

Feb 24, 2010

Closing Homolovi Ruins has residents, archaeologists, Hopi worried about security

WINSLOW - Wandering across her parents' cattle ranch in the 1950s, Georgia Nagel often found pottery shards, petroglyphs and other remnants of an ancient Anasazi village along the Little Colorado River. Unfortunately for Homolovi Ruins and its treasures, so did a lot of people with less honorable intentions.

Aug 6, 2009

Heard Museum to close in Surprise

The Surprise branch of the Heard Museum is closing at the end of the year. Museum director Frank Goodyear Jr. says the long struggling museum is a victim of the recession and low visitation.