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The cost of AZ’s budget crisis: 1,450 full-time state workers (access required)

Arizona's budget calamity cost at least 1,450 state workers their jobs last fiscal year, but the shedding of public employees is minor compared to losses endured by the private sector in Arizona. An analysis conducted by the Arizona Capitol Times shows the state trimmed roughly 4 percent of its full-time staff from July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009. The state now employs 33,236 full-time workers.

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Ariz. not disclosing agency list in shutdown plans

Gov. Jan Brewer’s administration is not disclosing what state government services could continue or be forced to shut down if a new state budget isn’t passed before a looming deadline. William Bell, Brewer’s Department of Administration director, on June 8 ...

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