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Munger drops out of governor’s race

John Munger dropped out of the 2010 governor’s race, saying he cannot compete with opponents who are getting millions of dollars in public financing for their campaigns. Munger announced his decision on June 1, just hours after the U.S. Supreme ...

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2010 GOP main contenders for governor (access required)

As the election season heats up, we profile the four main contenders who will battle it out for the Republican nomination for governor of Arizona. Each candidate provided their position on: taxes, the state budget, education, illegal immigration and religion.

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Capitol Quotes 1/22/10

"I've only been here a year. I don't want to go through this every three to five years. It's cruel and unusual." - Sen. Al Melvin, a Republican from Tucson, speaking about huge swings in state revenue.

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Ninth floor on Munger plan: Better than nothing, but still bad

Gov. Jan Brewer aide Paul Senseman gave GOP gubernatorial candidate John Munger credit for coming out yesterday with a budget proposal of his own, but that's about as far as he was willing to go. "First of all, we're grateful that Mr. Munger at least has the political courage to put something down on paper," said Senseman.

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