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Ninth floor on Munger plan: Better than nothing, but still bad

Gov. Jan Brewer aide Paul Senseman gave GOP gubernatorial candidate John Munger credit for coming out yesterday with a budget proposal of his own, but that’s about as far as he was willing to go. “First of all, we’re grateful that Mr. Munger at least has the political courage to put something down on paper,” said Senseman. “He’s not an elected official, and yet no other elected official in the state except for the governor has had the courage to do that. He deserves some credit for that.”

Calling the plans “wishful thinking” and a rerun of discarded and unworkable ideas, Senseman shredded Munger’s plans one-by-one. Withholding the federal gas tax revenues is a no-go, as the state never lays a hand on the cash in the process, he said. “The state does not collect those taxes,” he said. “Petroleum companies are the collectors of that tax, and then they remit those to the federal government.” Deed restrictions and the fact that the National Guard base at Papago Park holds the entity’s emergency operations center makes selling the land impossible, said Senseman, adding, “The other most glaring anecdotal example is selling bonds on a future mining project that doesn’t exist yet.”

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