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Capitol Quotes 1/22/10

“I’ve only been here a year. I don’t want to go through this every three to five years. It’s cruel and unusual.” – Sen. Al Melvin, a Republican from Tucson, speaking about huge swings in state revenue.

“That’s a sale and leaseback, not debt.” – Republican gubernatorial candidate John Munger, on his $300 million proposal to sell and lease back additional state government buildings. Gov. Jan Brewer included a similar proposal in her budget plan.

“I can tell that if any Democrat votes for her budget as it was released, poor Democrat, man. Any Democrat who is willing to support the governor on eliminating health care for 310,000 people, I’ll make sure that they get examined by their constituents.” – Senate Minority Leader Jorge Garcia, on the possibility of Democratic lawmakers voting for Gov. Jan Brewer’s budget proposal, which includes a ballot measure that will give voters the opportunity to drastically roll back AHCCCS eligibility.

“I’m used to a crowded field.” – Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, on switching from the governor’s race to the 3rd Congressional District. Both races feature crowded Republican primaries.

“I feel like a monkey on fire.” – Rep. David Stevens, on the hectic pace of the 2010 legislative session.

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