Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Colorado River, Lake Mead, Lake Powell, drought, Arizona, Mississippi, Colorado River Basin, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Arizona State University
Feb 1, 2023

Pumping Mississippi River water west: solution or pipedream?

Waves of torrential rainfall drenched California into the new year. Snowpacks in the Sierra Nevada Mountains have swelled to more than 200% of their normal size, and snowfall across the rest of the Colorado River Basin is trending above average, as well. While the much-needed water has improved conditions in the parched West, experts warn against claiming victory.

water, Colorado River, California, Arizona, drought, Lake Mead, Lake Powell, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona Department of Water Resources
Feb 1, 2023

California releases its own plan for Colorado River cuts

California released a plan Tuesday detailing how Western states reliant on the Colorado River should save more water. It came a day after the six other states in the river basin made a competing proposal.

Colorado River, Lake Powell, Lake Mead, drought, Phoenix, Bureau of Reclamation, Colorado River Indian Tribes, Parker, Hualapai Tribe, drought, White Mountain Apache Tribe
Dec 20, 2022

US Senate advances water bills for tribes in Arizona

The U.S. Senate has advanced three bills that would improve access to water for some tribes in Arizona amid an unrelenting drought.