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Candidates spread conspiracy theory in bid to be elected

Republican Senate candidates who won uncontested primaries have expressed varying levels of support for a unfounded and wide-ranging conspiracy theory which holds that Donald Trump is fighting an elite cabal of business leaders, celebrities, media professionals and politicians engaged in Satanic worship and child sex trafficking.

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Mike Gardner: Nobody saw the last Senate split coming (access required)

The November 8 election carries with it a possibility that the Arizona Senate will end up split 15 to 15 between Republicans and Democrats, which could lead to a rare show of legislative bipartisanship that hasn’t been seen since 2000, when the Senate last was split. Lobbyist Mike Gardner was the Senate chief of staff during the last split, so we sat down with him to learn more about the functions of a split Senate and his projections for the race.

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Advocates push for junk-food tax on Navajo Nation

Facing a high prevalence of diabetes, many American Indian tribes are returning to their roots with community and home gardens, cooking classes that incorporate traditional foods, and running programs to encourage healthy lifestyles. The latest effort on the Navajo Nation, the country's largest reservation, is to use the tax system to push people to ditch junk food.

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