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Capitol Quotes: Jan. 6, 2012

“As soon as senator X gets $2 million, senator Y is going to want $2 million, then senator Z is going to want $3 million, and pretty soon the entire surplus is spent.” — Lobbyist Mike Gardner, on lawmakers wanting slices of the state’s budget surplus for projects next fiscal year.

“For someone who is very interested in statistics and the ins and outs of Arizona’s DOC — fascinating reading.” — Maricopa County Bill Montgomery on a 458-page report on Arizona’s prison population released Jan. 5.

“The proof is in the pudding. And I’ve been fundraising for the last month and a half and it’s been doing well.” — Sen. David Schapira, D-Tempe, on chatter in political circles that he can’t raise enough money to win the CD9 Democratic primary.

“I don’t know who else is going to run. But I’ll tell you this…I’m willing to put my record up against anybody. So it doesn’t really matter to me.” — Former Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, who resigned on Jan. 3 to run for Congress.

“All I could think was ‘we’re going to die out on this freeway.’” — Aubry Ballard, testifying during the Jan. 5 ethics hearing about an altercation on the median of a Phoenix freeway with her then-boyfriend, Sen. Scott Bundgaard.

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