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Feb 10, 2015

Online taxing bill killed by GOP defectors

A handful of Republicans in the House on Tuesday joined with Democrats to kill legislation meant to keep the state from collecting more income if Congress approves legislation requiring online sellers to collect state sales taxes.

Sales tax debate turns to online revenues
Feb 4, 2015

Bill would shrink income tax if state collects sales tax from online sellers

If federal law gives states the authority to require online retailers to collect state sales taxes, Arizona should reduce the amount of income tax it collects to offset its gains, a state lawmaker says.

Jun 27, 2014

Online retailers have unfair advantage

While I understand that things move slowly in Washington, D.C., I simply don’t understand why it’s taken more than 20 years for Congress to take action to help America’s local businesses.

Gayle Shanks, co-owner of Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, said she’s glad Arizona has reached an agreement for Amazon.com to collect state sales tax. She said not collecting state sales tax gives the online giant an unfair price advantage. (Cronkite News Service Photo by Sarah Pringle)
Nov 1, 2012

Brick-and-mortar retailers: Amazon sales tax deal helps level playing field

Changing Hands Bookstore is set up for customers browsing its shelves in search of a good read, co-owner Gayle Shanks said.

But some of those roaming the aisles at their leisure return home to buy from online retailers that among other advantages don’t charge sales taxes for transactions.

Apr 5, 2012

Amazon tax deal in limbo

A group of Arizona retailers called on Gov. Jan Brewer this week to support legislation that would tax their online competitors, but the lawmaker trying to help broker the deal says the future of the “Amazon bill” is still unclear. The so-called brick-and-mortar retailers want online companies that have a physical presence in the state to be taxed at the same level they are.

Mar 12, 2012

Sen. Klein says she snubbed use tax, then claims she didn’t owe

A state senator last week said she ignored a law that requires Arizonans to report taxes on their purchases from online retailers and other out-of-state businesses.