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Feb 22, 2023

Supreme Court rules for Arizona inmate in death penalty case

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a man on Arizona's death row should be resentenced because jurors in his case were wrongly told that the only way to ensure he would never walk free was to sentence him to death.

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Jan 5, 2023

Clemency advocates push for more attention, resources, additional board member

When it comes to recommendations from the Board of Executive Clemency, advocates for clemency say former Gov. Doug Ducey fell short in responding to requests for pardons and commutations. 

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Oct 13, 2022

Arizona woman gets 30 days in jail for collecting 4 ballots

A southwestern Arizona woman who pleaded guilty to illegally collecting four early voting ballots in the 2020 primary election was sentenced to 30 days in jail and two years’ probation on Thursday, with the judge rejecting her plea for just probation and saying he did not think she accepts responsibility for her criminal act.

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Mar 5, 2020

Court says misapplied law allows killers chance at parole

Some erroneous words used by judges 25 years ago could possibly result in the release of nearly 300 people who the law said should have been incarcerated for the rest of their lives.

Feb 15, 2020

Arizona’s Parole Merry-go-Round

In practice this requires that states “Fundamentally change the purpose of supervision from punishing failure to promoting success. The goal should be to help people repair the harm they have caused and become self-sufficient, law-abiding citizens, rather than simply enforcing rules set by courts and parole boards, catching violators and imposing penalties, including incarceration.”

Jan 26, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court: Juveniles offenders can’t be locked up for life

Arizona prisoners sentenced to “the rest of their natural life’’ behind bars for crimes they committed as teenagers have new hope for a parole hearing under a ruling the U.S. Supreme Court issued Monday.

Oct 16, 2015

Killer finds hope for parole in new brain research

The day Travis Amaral is eligible for parole could change considerably depending on how the Arizona Supreme Court rules after hearing his case Oct. 28.

Arizona Department of Corrections to renew halfway house program
Sep 6, 2012

DOC to renew halfway house program

The Arizona Department of Corrections is getting back into the business of running halfway houses, a program that was abandoned as sentencing laws got tougher, but is necessary now to control recidivism.