Sep 1, 2022

Abortion providers slowly return to operation, despite legal uncertainty

Planned Parenthood Arizona began offering abortions again at its Tucson facility this week, two months after it suspended services in the wake of the Supreme Court’s June decision that revoked the right to an abortion.

Jul 19, 2022

Senate President Fann rides out highs, lows of Covid pandemic, protests, critical bills

Senate President Karen Fann said it has been a huge honor serving as president in the Senate. She is only the second female Senate president in Arizona. Fann said some highlights of the past session for her include lawmakers passing a water bill, as well as a bipartisan budget and a K-12 base funding increase.

Jun 16, 2020

Supreme Court for now stays out of police immunity debate

The U.S. Supreme Court is for now declining to get involved in an ongoing debate by citizens and in Congress over policing, rejecting cases Monday that would have allowed the justices to revisit when police can be held financially responsible for wrongdoing. With protests over racism and police brutality continuing nationwide, the justices turned away […]

Jun 8, 2020

Ducey won’t renew statewide curfew, National Guard still on duty

Arizonans are now free to stay out all night if they want without fear of arrest.

May 14, 2020

Parking lot face off with protesters leaves lawmakers shaken

The scene Sen. Victoria Steele encountered when she walked out of the Senate last week was like nothing she has seen in nearly a decade at the Capitol.  Steele, D-Tucson, knew demonstrators stood outside. She had seen some on her way into the Senate that morning, but, at the time, they kept their distance, heckling […]

Nov 19, 2019

New, misplaced sensitivity about privacy evolving in society

Like it or not, people do not have a right to privacy that protects them from being photographed in public areas, especially when they are doing something newsworthy.

Grand Canyon University student Thameenah Muhammad, 17, prepares a T-shirt for a student protest against guns at the state Capitol. Students across the country participated in a March for Our Lives in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead. (Photo by Katie Campbell/Arizona Capitol Times)
Mar 15, 2018

Student protests on gun control at Capitol stir GOP ire

While Arizona House Democrats were introducing students who came to protest for gun control on March 14, a Republican state senator was shifting the blame for a mass shooting in Florida to Obama-era school disciplinary guidelines.

Feb 22, 2017

Arizona Senate votes to seize assets of those who plan, participate in protests that turn violent

Claiming people are being paid to riot, Republican state senators voted Wednesday to give police new power to arrest anyone who is involved in a peaceful demonstration that may turn bad -- even before anything actually happened.

Jan 29, 2017

Hundreds gather at Phoenix airport to protest Trump immigration ban

More than 500 protesters gathered in terminal four of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Sunday to protest Trump’s latest executive order, which banned travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Nov 18, 2016

AZ protesters connect with national opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other opponents of the pipeline have been protesting in North Dakota for months, attempting to block construction of the pipeline that would travel through North and South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

Mar 5, 2015

Proposed education cuts prompt Capitol protest

While the Senate Appropriations Committee took testimony on the budget bills this afternoon, several hundred teachers, parents and students gathered outside the chambers to protest proposed cuts to public schools and state universities.

Feb 28, 2014

Scorched Earth: How the opposition to SB1062 caught fire

Anyone who thought rushing SB1062 through the Legislature would leave opponents little time to organize was sorely mistaken. Less than 24 hours after the Arizona House of Representatives approved the bill, massive protests sprang up at the Capitol, business organizations lobbied Gov. Jan Brewer for a veto, and Arizona took center stage in a national media frenzy. By the time Brewer struck down [...]