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Sep 18, 2023

Court questioning if police officer violated restaurant owner’s civil rights

A federal appeals court is questioning whether a Scottsdale police officer violated the civil rights of the owner of a restaurant when he essentially arrested him twice for the same alleged violation of one of former Gov. Doug Ducey's Covid executive orders.

minimum wage, fast food, Consumer Price Index
Sep 13, 2023

Minimum wage will rise in January, costs increasing

What would you buy for an extra $20 a week? A nice meal? A car mount for your phone? An extra four gallons of gasoline? That's the choice that will be facing Arizonans at or near the bottom of the pay scale in January when the state's minimum wage rises another 50 cents, to $14.35 an hour.

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Aug 25, 2023

Cactus League president says Arizona communities need to invest in stadiums used by major league teams

The president of the Cactus League said Friday that Arizona communities need to continue to invest in the stadiums used by the major league teams that practice and play there.

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Jul 24, 2023

Post-pandemic, tourism in Arizona is starting to bounce back

With most people now seeing Covid in the rear-view mirror, tourism in Arizona is starting to come back.

job openings, Arizona, Covid, employers, employees, Office of Economic Opportunity
Jul 20, 2023

New figures show job openings rate increases

Thinking of quitting your job? New state economic figures suggest the timing to find better employment may never be better.

unemployment benefits, Arizona Supreme Court, jobless, Ducey, Covid pandemic
May 3, 2023

Nearly 100K Arizonans who got federal jobless benefits cut off early won’t get lost funds

About 100,000 Arizonans who got their extra federal unemployment benefits cut off early during the Covid pandemic by then-Gov. Doug Ducey because he instead wanted to get them to go to work at restaurants and hotels are not going to get the funds they lost.

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Mar 20, 2023

HB 2404 fundamentally misunderstands franchise business model

HB 2404, currently being considered in the state Legislature, would have far-reaching and harmful ramifications for franchisors, franchisees, workers and the Arizona economy.

State’s workplace-safety efforts focus primarily on construction, Super Bowl 57, restaurants, hotels, pandemic
Feb 11, 2023

Hospitality industry eyes potential windfall from Super Bowl 57

With the prospect of great weather and a highly competitive game, NFL fans have traveled from around the country to visit the Valley and experience the pageantry surrounding Super Bowl 57. Behind the scenes, the hospitality industry is excited about the financial boost the event at State Farm Stadium in Glendale could provide on the heels of a challenging pandemic.

inflation, restaurants, hiring, jobs, pandemic, Arizona, spending
Nov 17, 2022

Inflation rising in Arizona, more people dining out, restaurants hiring

Inflation may be rising faster in Arizona than pretty much anywhere else. But that isn't keeping people from going out and enjoying themselves.

minimum wage, wage hike, raises, inflation, Mesnard, Rogers, Gowan, Burch, Senate committee, bill, Flagstaff
Sep 13, 2022

Workers at bottom of state’s wage scale will be entitled to pay hikes

Workers at the bottom of the Arizona wage scale are going to be legally entitled to a pay hike of $42 a week beginning in January.

May 17, 2021

Booze to go gets House approval

Restaurants will be able to sell mixed drinks to-go under a law the Arizona House passed overwhelmingly Monday.

May 13, 2021

Ducey cuts jobless benefits, offers incentives to work

Gov. Doug Ducey is cutting off the $300 a week in extra federal jobless benefits in a bid to help the restaurant and hospitality industry find more people willing to work for what they are paying.