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Broomhead to interview Lake on Saturday (access required)

Lake, Hobbs, governor, Ask Me Anything, education, Chandler, vouchers

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake will finally get an event sponsored by the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commision, but instead of taking questions from a journalist, she’ll speak with conservative commentator Mike Broomhead, host of a popular show on FM radio station KTAR. 

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Voter Protection Act blocking bipartisan bill

Lawmakers like the idea — it’s criminal justice reform that both helps those in need and serves the community — but stakeholders raised the prospect that voter protection laws and the 13th Amendment, which bans involuntary servitude except as punishment for a crime, could stop the bill in its tracks.

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2018 law bars candidates from free association, Democrats say (access required)

Candidates running with public funding through the Clean Elections program say a new voter-approved state law that prohibits them from paying political parties for services impedes their constitutional right to associate with whoever they choose. This is the first election ...

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