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Phoenix raises airport fees on Uber, Lyft (access required)

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton tours a new station that will connect Metro light rail with an electric train set to begin transporting people to Sky Harbor International Airport in early 2013. (Cronkite News Service Photo by Corbin Carson)

The Phoenix City Council voted Wednesday, 7-2, to increase fees paid by ride-share companies for picking up and dropping off customers at Phoenix Sky Harbor, approving the controversial rate hike even after Lyft and Uber threatened to stop serving the airport at the start of the new year.

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Car-sharing bill protects consumers, personal freedom

With each technological advance we witness the same response as whatever legacy industry is being disrupted seeks the government’s assistance in burying the upstarts in red tape, taxes and fees. And all of this while cloaking its anti-competitive actions behind talk of “leveling the playing field” or “protecting consumers.”

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