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The Breakdown: Off the rails


A railroad safety bill that earned one Democratic lawmaker an ominous threat three years ago will be back next year, and the stakes are higher than ever. 

After the Phoenix City Council voted last week to hike costs for Uber and Lyft pickups from Sky Harbor, a Republican state representative filed a complaint that could cause the city to lose hundreds of millions. 

And the future of fertility coverage in Arizona remains murky after an unclear recommendation from a Senate panel.

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Music in this episode included “Creative Minds,” “Funky Element” and “Energy” by Bensound.


  1. Rep. John Kavanagh

    Sounds like this is an issue for the Federal Railroad Administration because it is their area of expertise and railroads are interstate.

    But if it passes, I think we should micromanage commercial airline cockpits and nuclear power station control rooms. We have about the same level of knowledge about them, so why not?

  2. I think they should have two crew members and a dog in the lead engine. In case the driver falls asleep or is texting, the second person can wake him up. If they both fall asleep then the dog will wake them up.

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