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The Legislature wants Arizonans to be informed of government and corporate actions that affect them and notices in newspapers are the best way to distribute the information.










When you publish your public notices in the Arizona Capitol Times, you are providing important information to the citizens of Arizona. We make finding your notices easy, with an index to our public notice advertising sections so readers can readily identify new Arizona companies, find foreclosed properties and bid on them, find notices of estates in probate, notices of divorce and child custody matters and notices of state land being offered for sale at auction.

Our Record
The Arizona Capitol Times has been publishing public notices for more than 55 years. The Arizona Capitol Times meets all requirements for a newspaper of general circulation. Adjudicated for legal advertising publication in 1993, the Arizona Capitol Times is printed and published in Maricopa County. Our expert staff can handle all of your publication needs from typesetting and proofing to billing, publication and filing the affidavit.

Our Services
The Arizona Capitol Times offers an affidavit filing service. When publication is complete, we can file the paperwork for you. Corporate affidavits are filed at the Corporation Commission; limited liability partnership affidavits are filed and fees are paid at the Secretary of State’s Office; probate, family court and civil summons affidavits are filed at the respective courts. A stamped copy of the affidavit is sent to you with a copy of your ad. Trustee’s sales and other notices: An original affidavit and one copy are sent directly to you.

Statewide Publication Service
Send us your documents for publication in any of Arizona’s 15 counties, and we will handle placement in a newspaper in the required county. Our team will schedule publication, invoice you for the newspaper’s charges, handle the accounting and file the affidavit as necessary when publication is complete. There is a nominal handling fee.

Full Service Corporate Filing
We file your documents at the Corporation Commission or Secretary of State’s Office, return the approved original to your office, schedule publication and file the affidavit when publication is complete.

For rates and more information about placing a public notice with the
Arizona Capitol Times, call 602-258-7026, fax to 602-258-2504 or e-mail publicnotices@azcapitoltimes.com.


  1. I am working on a budget for a revamped company that will require publication of a one page Amended filing with the Corporation Commission. I’ve used the Capitol Times for this purpose in the past. What is the cost? If I recall it was like $49 or somewhere in that neighborhood.


  2. Please confirm that my company…..Synergistic Home Llc was published or when it will be..



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