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State Contracts 6/19

Formal Solicitations:
An invitation for bids (IFB) is a formal competitive procedure used by the state when a contract’s value is anticipated to exceed $50,000. Often called a “formal bid” or a “competitive sealed bid,” an IFB is the preferred method for the procurement of goods and services. Registered vendors are notified of procurement activity in the commodity or service categories for which they are entered. Bids are opened in public at the time and place noted in the IFB.

A list of contracts the state will be accepting formal bids for is below.

Opening Date Solicitation Number Solicitation Title Agency Buyer Phone
6/30/09 GF9035-B Supplemental Lead Free Ammo Supply Program ADGF Elizabeth Burgard 623.236.7459
7/13/09 HB052031 Risk Reduction Supplies and Educational Materials ADHS Pam Giroux 602.542.2944
7/2/09 DC090247 Temporary Fill-in Nursing Services ADOC Geof Replogle 602.542.1172
6/24/09 ED08-0011 Special Education in Private Day School Setting – Supplement B ADOE Clay Dones 602.364.2517
6/23/09 T09-13-00027 Construction of an Airport Safety Area including Drainage Improvements for RW/3 Hold Apron at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport ADOT Robyn Caillouette 602.712.7498
6/24/09 T10-04-00001 Construction of new facilities; ADOT Maintenance Yard  CorADES Junction, AZ ADOT Michelle Carmichael 602.712.7498
7/1/09 T09-18-00011 Solar Powered LED Emergency Lighting Packages ADOT Susanna Hernandez 602.712.7584
7/7/09 T10-48-00004 Employee Assistance Program ADOT Hector Rojas 602.712.7584
6/24/09 L9-035 Installation of Communication Tower Foundation ADPS Patricia Jonas 602.223.2451
6/19/09 VSP09-147 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services ADVS Diana Martinez 602.263.1814
7/22/09 RFQ 09-044 Jerome Building Stabilization & Rehabilitation (Request for Qualifications) AZSP Charles L. Guiggey 602.542.6940

Informal Solicitations:
A Request for Quotations (RFQ) is a bid procedure selected for use when the purchase value of a contract is anticipated to be less than $50,000. Also known as a “informal bid,” an RFQ is used to reduce the time, red tape and administrative cost of bidding when circumstances permit. It does not reduce the necessity to obtain a quality product or service in an economical, fair and objective fashion.

A list of contracts the state accepted informal bids for is below.

Number Description Close Date Agency Phone #
EV10-0004 A/C and Heater Maintenance 6/19/09 ADEQ 602.771.4774
EV10-0007 VEI HVAC Maintenance 6/26/09 ADEQ 602.771.4774
RV1001 Maintenance of Microfiche Equipment 6/29/09 ADOR 602.716.6515
QF09-040-T 4×4 Utility Vehicle, New ’08 or ’09 6/18/09 AGFD 623.236.7457
QF09-034-K Aircraft Mechanic Services 6/19/09 AGFD 623.236.7461
QF09-038-C Tire Mounts 6/19/09 AGFD 623.236.7460

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