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House approves ads for school Web sites

School districts across the state could increase in-class spending using money generated from Internet advertisements if lawmakers in the Senate were to approve a measure that was first heard in committee more than four months ago.

H2437, which is sponsored by Republican Rep. John Kavanagh from Fountain Hills, would allow school districts to sell advertising space on the district’s Web site or any other Web sites operated by schools within the district. District administrators would be required to direct any money collected from the sales to classrooms or student programs.

“I am just trying to help these schools get a little extra income,” Kavanagh said during a June 17 hearing during the Senate Education Accountability and Reform Committee.

The committee unanimously approved the measure.

Members of the House Education Committee gave the bill a thumbs-up Feb. 23, but the measure did not reach the floor until the beginning of June. H2437 was transmitted to the Senate after the House approved the measure with a 59-0 vote on June 6.

State law already allows school districts to sell advertising space on the exterior of school buses. District administrators are banned from accepting advertisements for products illegal for minors, such as alcohol, tobacco and gambling, and must conform to the state education policy of abstinence.

If Kavanagh’s bill was approved, similar limitations would apply to the Web site advertisements.

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