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Who’s behind the Gorman attack ad?

A video attacking Sen. Pamela Gorman that was posted Sunday (Aug. 16) on YouTube was making the rounds at the Capitol yesterday among lawmakers.

The professionally produced, minute-long ad was also reportedly e-mailed to some Republicans in LD-6 by the district’s GOP leadership. Its message – that Gorman’s opposition to the sales tax component of the budget will lead to higher property taxes – is similar to another e-mail sent out by LD-6 leaders that Gorman supporters believe was authored by Constantin Querard.

The video, which promotes MakePamListen.com, does not contain a disclaimer stating who paid for it. The Web site contains no information, as it appears the domain was registered, but a page was not created. The site’s owner is not known, but the contact listed on the domain registry is Richard Sales Media. The company, which is based out of D.C., is owned by former Arizonan Richard Sales and specializes in YouTube political ads. Sales worked for the AZ GOP in 2006 as research director and Internet advertising consultant. He did ads for Kyl’s campaign that year and has served as New Media Director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee since 2007. In that capacity, he produced more than 200 ads for YouTube. Sales did not return an e-mail seeking comment about the Gorman video. Because there is no disclaimer on the attack piece, it is unclear where it came from.

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  1. Well done piece. These guys put together a very expensive and professionally done video by one of the best, up-and-coming operatives available.

    The problem is that the content was entirely inaccurate. Gorman voted for each and every budget bill this year. She simply opposed the proposed referral of the largest tax increase in Arizona history. Gorman has always been open about her staunch opposition to tax increases. And she’s been clear throughout the session (and special session) about her unwillingness to ask Arizona’s working families to pay an additional $1 billion in taxes every year for the next three when they are already paying enough and struggling to get by in a recession.

    The video claims that somehow Gorman’s unwillingness to budge to the bullies and support a big tax increase threatens property tax relief. Well, that property tax relief bill would not be in the package headed to the Governor but for Gorman’s demands and efforts. I’m not sure if the good ole boys in the business community pushing for corporate tax cuts while increasing taxes on Arizona families and voters realized that they wouldn’t have ANY property tax relief but for Gorman’s unwillingness to bend under pressure. Frankly, these politically naive morons wouldn’t even have corporate tax cuts on the table, but for Gorman’s unwillingness to support tax cuts.

    Gorman, as she has made clear, thinks the first priority for tax cuts should go toward seriously reducing and eliminating the personal income tax altogether. If you are going to take money out of the economy by increasing sales taxes (in some places such that it would be the highest in the nation), you better put money back in the economy by eliminating the personal income tax that ALL Arizona breadwinners pay. It’s all kind of funny, really. But it’s easy to understand why people hate politics when dishonorable, nameless, faceless thugs like this put money and effort to sullying a woman willing to put her name and face in the ring and stand up for what she believes in …

  2. I know Richard Sales. This guy is a genius. Anyone who gets in his path should be VERY afraid. BJames got one thing right: whoever paid for it definitely picked the right ad man for the job.

    The article has one thing wrong though: he’s a current Arizonan, not a former one. And he’s based out of Chandler, not DC. I would know, I met up with him a few weeks ago in Phoenix.

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