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Resigning to ignore the law

In the latest chapter of who may or may not be violating the state’s murky resign to run law, it seems at least one legislator didn’t know the law even existed.

Rep. Ray Barnes, termed out in the House next year, has already formed a Senate campaign committee: not an exploratory committee – a committee. And in a conversation with us, Barnes made no bones about the fact that he’s running for the other office, even though he hasn’t vacated his current one. “I have to [run],” he said, “I’m termed out in the House… I don’t think you have to resign to run for office.” Barnes said he “can’t say” that he was even aware of the law. “I don’t think it makes any difference to me.”

He even suggested everyone, including GOP Chairman Randy Pullen, just drop the issue, saying, “We’ve got plenty to do without that. We’ve got lots of things that really make a difference. I don’t know. I never thought anything of it.” Following Wednesday’s press conference where Pullen called for an investigation into Attorney General Terry Goddard and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema for potentially violating the law, GOP state party spokesman Matt Roberts didn’t have anything to say on this matter. “I can only speak to the attorney general and Kyrsten Sinema at this point,” he said. Barnes offered this, however: He’s willing to resign if Sinema and Goddard do, too. Barnes’ seatmate, Nancy Barto, is also eying the District 7 Senate seat, having formed her own campaign committee – an exploratory one.

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