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Dems target Kyl in “Call ‘Em Out” campaign (access required)

The Democratic National Committee has decided it's time to call out Sen. Jon Kyl for his statements on the health care legislation. The "Call 'Em Out" campaign now has three targets - all of them high-profile Republicans.


  1. This demonstrates that Kyl is operating well as the loyal opposition. Furthermore, the opposition by the dems illustrates a certain vindictiveness inherit in the liberal mentality.

  2. Please note I use my real name as I do want to be number one on the Obama administrations list. I also would like to debate President Obama with no notes or Teleprompters. He did say he would welcome the opportunity to go over the healthcare bill line by line. Since you love basketball I will use a term you can understand “President Obama the ball is in your hand!!”

    What could Obama possibly have done in his first 12 days in office to win this award? Oh yeah, he did not like President Bush. It appears that is the number 1 qualifier to win? Seems like the board uses the same vetting process as the O administration. Guess you may have overlooked the “patient dumping” of uninsured patients by Michelle while working at the Univ of Chicago Hospital and the $1M grant newly elected Ill. State Center Obama got awarded to them? Oh how could I forget her salary went from $100K to $300K? The URL’s below will tell the true story;



    Have a Blessed Day,

  3. I am 100% for Sen Kyl.

  4. Is there no chance that health care for all citizens of this country could be a greater value than a continuation of our military complex? We have spent our treasure on war. Sen Kyl gets his Viagra paid for, women have no access to family planning, no maternity coverage so we see what is important.

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