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Nov 3, 2020

Kelly takes commanding lead after early votes counted

After early ballots, Democrat Mark Kelly looks likely to flip Arizona’s second U.S. Senate seat.

Nov 2, 2020

A stutterer’s perspective on Gov. Doug Ducey

Oct. 22 marked International Stuttering Awareness Day, a day intended to raise public awareness of an issue faced by 1% of the world’s population and roughly 3 million Americans.

Feb 27, 2020

Court upholds Ducey’s decision on U.S. Senate election

Martha McSally can keep the U.S. Senate seat she was given by Gov. Doug Ducey through at least the end of the year, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.

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Jan 28, 2020

Ducey asks 9th Circuit to void court decision on land trust

Gov. Doug Ducey is asking a federal appeals court to overturn a ruling that could affect his ability and that of future governors to tap a special education trust account to funnel more cash into schools.

Oct 2, 2019

Ducey attacks character of judge who ruled against him

Upset with his ruling on education funding, Gov. Doug Ducey is taking the unusual step of lashing out at a federal judge appointed by a Republican president and calling on him to resign.

Aug 7, 2019

9th Circuit to hear appeal on McSally’s appointment

Federal appellate judges have agreed to decide whether Martha McSally can continue to serve as a U.S. senator at least through the 2020 election.

Jun 28, 2019

Federal judge rules McSally gets to keep U.S. Senate until 2020 election

Martha McSally can keep John McCain's Senate seat until at least the 2020 election, a federal judge ruled late Thursday.

Jun 21, 2019

Libertarian pushes court to rule on challenge to U.S. senator appointment

Saying time is running out, the former chairman of the Arizona Libertarian Party wants the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to order an election – and soon -- to decide who fills out the term of John McCain.

Apr 23, 2019

Ducey: Immigration discussion needs to shift to Mexico’s southern border

Gov. Doug Ducey said Tuesday the United States should pressure Mexico to seal its own southern border to keep migrants from Central America from reaching our borders.

Gov. Doug Ducey delivers his "State of the State" address on Jan. 14, 2019, at the state House of Representatives. His priorities for the 2019 legislative session included the adoption of the Drought Contingency Plan above all, shoring up the state's rainy day fund and doing away with legislative immunity. PHOTO BY KATIE CAMPBELL/ARIZONA CAPITOL TIMES
Jan 14, 2019

Ducey delivers ‘State of the State’ address to Legislature

Gov. Doug Ducey kicked off the first “State of the State” speech of his second term Monday with a call to action for lawmakers to act quickly on a multi-state drought plan to stave off declining water levels in the Colorado River

Jan 12, 2019

Ducey attorneys respond to lawsuit challenging process of Senate appointment

In legal papers filed Friday, Brett Johnson, who is leading the legal team, acknowledged that vacancies in the U.S. Senate must be filled by a special election. But Johnson told U.S. District Court Judge Diane Humetewa that the U.S. Constitution allows the Legislature to let Ducey name a senator to serve until the next regular election.

Dec 21, 2018

Senate appointment McSally’s chance for fresh start

Martha McSally scored the political redo of a lifetime when she was appointed to the U.S. Senate on December 18.