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Special Session: Get ready for Thursday

Gov. Jan Brewer and GOP leaders are expected to meet this week to discuss a special session, which is still being penciled in for Nov. 17-19. House Speaker Kirk Adams and Senate President Bob Burns both told our reporter that they were speaking with members about the budget changes that would be voted on and both were upbeat about the possibility of the session happening.

“It looks to me like it’s pretty good,” Adams said. Burns said he was “very close” to securing both the support needed and the commitments from those members to come to the Capitol. “But close doesn’t get us over the finish line,” he said, explaining that the dates aren’t set in stone. Burns added that, if the right combination of members can’t be at the Capitol next week, leadership would schedule the special session for Thanksgiving week. Still, Senate leadership is aiming for a one-day special session next Thursday. But that would depend on whether Democrats would cooperate to waive rules, a source told our reporter today.

Senate Minority Leader Jorge Garcia said he and Burns have talked about the possibility of waiving the rules to do the special session in one day. Garcia said he is waiting for feedback from members.

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