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Capitol Quotes 11/25

“They do good things 99 percent of the time.” – Gov. Jan Brewer, commenting on the Legislature, while criticizing the League of Arizona Cities and Towns’ recent lawsuit against the state.

“He is trying to shift responsibility away from himself.” – Sen. Thayer Verschoor, referring to Senate President Bob Burns, who had harshly criticized Verschoor for not showing up for a session on Nov. 19.

“How am I responsible? I voted for the bill along with I think 13 other people. So how does that equate to my failing the bill? He is trying to shift the blame from himself to someone else.” – Senate President Bob Burns, in response to Sen. Thayer Verschoor.

“I think that it’s a good day, a good beginning to righting the ship here in Arizona.” – Gov. Jan Brewer, after signing about $300 million in budget cuts.

“I think you know why.” – Ken Strobeck, executive director of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, when asked why he thought Gov. Jan Brewer, Senate President Bob Burns, House Speaker Kirk Adams and Sen. Russell Pearce focused on illegal immigration when criticizing his organization’s lawsuit against the state.

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