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An open letter on health care to Sens. McCain and Kyl

Here we go again. I’ve lost track of what round this is over health care, but it doesn’t change the fact that the federal government cannot “mandate” American citizens to purchase health care coverage.

The citizens of this nation will neither purchase health care at the government’s deeming, nor will they obey illegally drafted and passed legislation. It matters not who wrote it.

No matter how President Obama or Congress tries to repackage it, it’s still government-run, illegal and unconstitutional health care. It’s also the ultimate insult to this country’s founding laws and principles.
What is expected of the Republicans is full adherence to the Constitution, which many Americans don’t feel has been happening, especially regarding the health care issue. Because of this, Republicans are in deep trouble at the polls in 2010 and 2012. The tide may have turned slightly back toward Republicans lately, but their conduct on the issues that Americans are highly concerned and screaming about will determine where our votes land.

The American people feel that Republicans have done nothing whatsoever to bolster or reinforce our Congress’ observance or adherence to the Constitution. We are angry, we are frustrated, and we are revolting against those who are in the position to stand up and make these frustrations and objections known to the federal government. And not only in Washington, DC, but also in our states as well, for they, too, play a role in all that has transpired to deprive Americans from a government that truly adheres to the laws of this land.

The federal government has turned our pockets inside out and picked them clean for years as our representatives have stood by and watched it happen. In fact, Republicans have actually aided the process and, at times, perpetrated the act. The people of this country have had it and they are very loudly stating that enough is enough. If Republicans can’t manage the job they are being paid to do, we will replace all of them, in addition to the Socialist Party now running Democratic Party and the White House. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have failed this country miserably, and basically no one is safe in any party at the moment from being voted out of office.

I cannot stress enough the importance that the illegitimate health care law will have on this country should it pass. I have never seen people so outraged at the government. I must say that I feel it is way past time for their anger, and what’s transpiring now is actually a healthy engagement that has catapulted American citizens into action for the preservation of this country.

We’ve relied far too heavily on our elected politicians for our safety and security, and they have failed us miserably by greed, incompetence and, in some instances, lust for power. Most, in my estimation, have not served their constituents or their country well or even honorably.

It’s about damn time our representatives start thinking past their wallets and their assets and think of the people, for it is the citizens of this nation and their welfare they were sent to Washington, DC, to represent. By not doing the job they were elected and paid to do, they have jeopardized the safety and sovereignty of our entire country.

Please, senators, make not only our aversion to health care reform known but also the unconstitutionality of the actions of Obama and Congress and this legislation. Stop this insanity.

– Karen Szatkowski, Phoenix


  1. Very well waid, Karen. Very well said.

    As Ronald Reagan well said: “Government isn’t the solution to the problem. Government IS the problem”!

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