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Top Dem: Ignore Hayworth at your own risk

The primary campaign explanation to the McCain/Kyl statement was also backed by Democrat consultant Bob Grossfeld, who said John McCain acted to keep from being “boxed in” by J.D. Hayworth. “This had nothing to do with the governor, who is collateral damage, but everything to do with Hayworth,” he said.

Grossfeld declined to offer his opinion on the proposal, but said Hayworth has proven his abilities to fight hard political campaign battles. Grossfeld, who consulted Democrat Steve Owens on two unsuccessful campaigns against Hayworth in the 1990s, said the following: “I’ve been through too many campaigns where people have underestimated John David Hayworth. You do so at your own peril.”

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  1. Hayworth is such a joke – he’s a liar and a crook. I hope he takes the hint from his lack of funds, supporters and endorsements and just DROPS OUT. It’d seriously be the best thing he ever did for AZ.

  2. J.D., he actually once said “we need to deport all Latinos, legal or illegal. If your name is Jose or Maria, you don’t belong here.” on his radio show…in Arizona. I understand that illegal immigration is a problem but the man does just not belong in front of the public – he has NO CLASS.

  3. Hayworth has proven nothing to Arizona or this Nation he is nothing more then a blowhard with means of getting nasty, immoral and unethical. Hayworth even managed to establish the award in Congress of being the dumbest member, a vote from his peers… this election is not about McCain vs Hayworth, it is about Hayworth finding money to pay his legal bills from Abramoff… JD does not have the support from his peers or from the people of Arizona, and he did that to himself, JD has a history that is not worthy of Government, no more corrupt individuals like him are needed!

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