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Goddard: Lawsuit against feds is a loser

Terry Goddard said he won’t join a lawsuit filed by 13 other state AGs over Obama’s health care bill. Gov. Jan Brewer had repeatedly called on Goddard to join the suit over the health care legislation, which she said will add $400 million to the state budget.

But in a press statement, Goddard said the lawsuit appears to have little chance of success. “Our lawyers agree with the overwhelming majority of constitutional scholars of both parties that the lawsuits have little merit and that participating in them would be a waste of taxpayer dollars,” Goddard said in the press release. “These lawsuits will be considered in federal court with or without Arizona’s participation.”

That seems unlikely to comfort Brewer, whose office had said she would take legal action against the federal government over the health bill regardless of whether Goddard joined. Either Brewer will sign onto the lawsuit that was filed in Florida March 23, or she will file a suit herself, spokesman Paul Senseman said. Goddard said the state’s AHCCCS program, which is among the most generous Medicaid programs in the country, and the recent scrapping of KidsCare puts Arizona in a far different situation than most of the states that have joined the lawsuit. “The health care programs in Arizona operate differently than other states, which would complicate factual claims asserted by the states that have joined the lawsuit and could weaken their legal position,” Goddard’s press release read.

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  1. I think this is wise not spend money on somthing that in long run will help middle class and low income family. It is time for change if are party’s would look at ways cut cost on all pork out there and quite cutting from things that make everyday people lives better. We would be a better country. Don’t get me wrong we are first call on to go war provide aid to other countrys but what about are own first. We cut health care and education all time there need to be change this first step in right direction.

  2. Let’s see…the state is broke, we can’t provide healthcare to poor people any more, our state parks are closed as are highway rest stops, and the issue will be adjudicated whether Arizona is part of the suit or not. But Brewer wants to grandstand and spend money we don’t have? Just more fiscal folly and hypocrisy from the Republicans in charge.

  3. Goddard’s refusal demonstrates only his political leanings rather than any consideration of the constitution and the long unchallenged perversion of the commerce clause. Perhaps the public should know which “constitutional” scholars he is depending on.
    As for the other two respondents here, the point is lost when neither has bothered to educate themselves about the short and long term affects of the healthcare bill. Money is going to be spent for this alleged historical legislation and it will come from all of us in one form or another. Shortfalls in the state budget are due to current burdensome federally mandated entitlement programs, ie. medicaid. Arriane, you are right to suggest “pork” should be cut, but wrong to believe that this alone will make things better or like Richard to suggest government is the solution. Furthermore, using terms like “grandstanding, fiscal folly and blaming republicans” is “copping out” and parochial… demonstrating little grasp of the topic.

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