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Kirkpatrick urges against boycott of Arizona

Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is calling for an end to the boycotts in Arizona over the state’s new immigration law.

The Democratic congresswoman says the boycotts could stop Arizona’s economic recovery in its tracks and cost Arizonans their jobs.

She says residents and local businesses don’t deserve to be hurt over the debate the immigration law has sparked.

Critics of the law that makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally have called for boycotts of Arizona.

Kirkpatrick urged critics to drop the effort and help push Congress to secure the border and fix what she says is a broken immigration system.

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  1. I think it’s wrong for an elected offical to call for a boycott
    of any city or state in the US, it should be illegal while holding
    office. If this boycotting continues we will no longer be
    United States but Divided States of America.

  2. Do not worry Shirley. The talk of boycotts is just that, talk and cannot be realized. This episode bears no similarity with the issues surrounding Martin Luther King and in fact the media and their liberal democrat bedfellows are misrepresenting history and facts to advance their histrionics.

  3. It is Absolutely Unforgivable for an Arizona State Representative to call for a boycott against our state. I predict that on election day Ann Kirkpatrick will find it is a misguided stand that will cost her a great deal. Voters really do have a long memory. They wont be bought off with a pound of pork.

  4. Please excuse my mistake Ann Kirkpatrick. I misread the article and jumped to the conclusion that you were on the boycott side rather than calling for an end to the senseless boycott. We truly will remember your Effort Against the Boycott. Likewise we will rememember those who supported it and hold them accountable.

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