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Brewer signs fireworks, transparency bills and 2 dozen more

Gov. Jan Brewer acted on about two dozen bills on May 10, signing most of them into law.

Brewer approved H2282, sponsored by Litchfield Republican Rep. Steve Montenegro, which requires local governments, beginning in January 2013, to establish and maintain websites that would show a comprehensive report of all revenues and expenditures over $5,000.

She also signed H2246, which allows for the sale and use of small fireworks, such as sparklers. The bill also requires the State Fire Marshal to adopt rules about the sale of consumer fireworks, allowing a civil penalty for the use of prohibited fireworks.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Andy Biggs, a Republican from Gilbert.

Brewer also approved a proposal that spells out the rights of parents over their kids’ health care, education, and upbringing.

The measure, S1309, was authored by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray.

Here’s the complete list of bills that Brewer signed:

H2127: JTED; centralized campus; funding
H2246: regulation of fireworks
H2260: regulatory rule making
H2282: political subdivisions; government transparency
H2370: research development; production; incentive program
H2586: agency rule making; fees; commission
H2625: STAN subaccount; city reimbursement
H2663: STOs; corporate tax credit requirements
H2664: STOs; tax credit requirements
H2700: solar energy tax incentives; extension
H2729: election equipment certification committee; membership
H2732: schools; third grade retention
S1040: teacher and principal evaluations
S1083: improvement districts; financing
S1087: behavior analyst; exemption from licensure
S1141: CAGRD revenue bonding; sustainability policies
S1187: school facilities board; vacant land
S1189: admissibility of expert opinion testimony
S1201: renewable energy tax incentive revisions
S1232: civil rights; discrimination; employment
S1282: affiliated charter schools
S1284: school finance revisions
S1309: parents; rights
S1366: eminent domain; relocation assistance
S1422: petitions; post office box addresses

H2300: driving on highways; lane regulations
H2432: fire districts; boundaries; merger; consolidation


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