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Immigration law backers rally near Capitol

Several hundred people rallied near the state Capitol Saturday to show their support for the new Arizona law that’s aimed at curtailing illegal immigration.

It’s the third straight weekend that supporters have gathered to show their approval of the law, which goes into effect July 29.

The law requires police, while enforcing other laws, to ask about a person’s immigration status if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country illegally.

Rally attendees carried American flags and sat under umbrellas.

The scheduled speakers included former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and state Sen. Russell Pearce, the author of the law.

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  1. The debate over immigration enforcement in Arizona is heating up hotter than Jan Brewer can expected. The law effects tourism and business, now the law may increase Phoenix foreclosures. SB 1070 criminalize countless decent human beings who live, work, pay taxes, and raise families in Arizona.
    make your impact, share your opinion at http://immigration.civiltalks.com

  2. Patriotic Americans should vote out–ALL–incumbent lawmakers, and sort the wheat from the stinking chaff. That means carefully analyze the immigration grades of each Governors, Mayors, Judges, councilors and elected officials and which ever rock their hiding under? These people who have sworn to defend the people, have surely let the majority of the population down. Arizona has fallen foul to ingesting millions of illegal aliens, that have stealthily fed from the public welfare trough. Now as the state tries to replenish the states bank accounts we have a rush to criticize, boycott or look for a way to block the the policing law. There are approximately 15 million US citizens-legal residents jobless, yet our indifferent government still is allowing the importation of mediocre skilled labor from cheap foreign labor countries. What we need is strong specialties such as top engineers, scientists and the crucial jobs assured for America’s future.

    WHAT WE DON’T need is low or non-skilled border fence jumpers or people settled here after their visa has expired. Our fence is–NOT–finished and they cut funding so, the fence is only One fence instead of Two. E-Verify was mishandled by Reid, not forgetting to mention 286 (G) for local police enforcement.Wide open spaces of ancient barbed wire, instead of 15 foot steel and concrete, enforced with razor wire. The head of this dereliction to duty of “THE People” is Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and California’s Nancy Pelosi. Both States are overwhelmed with part of the Illegal Immigration invasion, that is threatening every states economy. USE YOUR VOTE TO REMOVE THE POLITICAL DEBRIS, THAT HAS CAUSED SO MUCH HARDSHIP TO REGULAR TAXPAYERS. CONTINUOUS–OUT OF CONTROL, OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION COULD LEAD TO OVERPOPULATION BY 2040. SAYS THE US CENSUS BUREAU. ANSWERS AT NUMBERSUSA.

    ATTN: As for the “Anchor Baby” baby law. It was never meant for illegal alien females who intentionally scorn our sovereignty laws. No illegal alien child, should gain the rights given to a citizen, as the law was intended for newly released slaves–after President Lincoln executed the Declaration of Emancipation at the end of the Civil. war. It needs to be filed with the Supreme Court, for their re-evaluation of 14 Amendment, as this law is been misinterpreted and should be revised. This la as it is is costing taxpayers for every “Anchor Baby” and family that is adjoined Billions of Taxpayer dollars every year. Once here the system is corrupted by these females attaching themselves like parasites to food stamps, Section 8 housing, prenatal carewelfare benefits and ordinary cash. Just like the Child Credit scam that is being extracted from US taxpayers according to Ed Rubenstein, the author of “The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is the largest anti-poverty program in the United States – and the most illegal-immigrant friendly.”

  3. All I can say is this law was years overdue.

    We, the citizens of this wonderful state of Arizona,
    deserve better than overcrowded schools, prisons, and jails,
    better than an overburdened health care system, better than
    the constant, everyday occurrences of drop houses, kidnappings,
    gangs, drug smuggling and having to worry about our safety.

    This law is in one word,{SAFETY}, for all our citizens of whatever
    color or country of origin.

  4. Well,
    What part of illegal don’t people understand. It isn’t race or against Mexico, its against “ILLEGALS” period.
    For clergy to be against SB1040 is to give approval to illegals to break the Arizona/U.S. laws of this land—-

    it encourages them to commit sins by becoming theives and abuse our welfare system designed for Americans-

    it encourages them to break laws by driving without a license or insurance-

    it enables them to steal from our pockets and economy by sending their money back to Mexico while taking jobs from U.S. citizens-

    it forces Americans to pay higher taxes to cover the cost of putting illegals in jail when found to be breaking our laws, and makes our streets unsafe for our families. If you are legally here, you have no worry!!!

    God help those who approve this behavior, clergy or otherwise.
    God Bless Arizona and God Bless America!

  5. I, praise Russell Pierce, for constructing the Bill, and Jan Brewer, for signing the Bill, it was a Bill (SB 1070), that was long overdue, the federal government dropped the ball on enforcing immigration laws, and securing our border here in Arizona years and years ago, our state was being over-run by these lawless illegal border crossers, who now have developed an attitude, that the U.S., and especially Arizona, owes them, that they are invincible, and that they can evade our “Laws”, and that nothing will happen to them, with that “Attitude”, Arizona, especially, Phoenix, had to do something, so we did, we did what the Federal Government, did not do for our state, even though it was their obligation, so we are very content, that we got SB 1070 passed, and we know it will be implemented!! The Patriots did it!!

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