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Hayworth regrets pitching grants for troubled firm

John McCain’s Republican primary challenger said Thursday he regrets taping an infomercial on behalf of a company accused of taking advantage of consumers.

“I should not have made the ad. It was a mistake,” J.D. Hayworth said in a statement released late Thursday.

The former congressman and talk-radio host said he didn’t completely check out National Grants Conferences before agreeing to serve as its pitchman.

In the informercial, Hayworth urges viewers to attend a free seminar to learn how to get free government money. Critics say the company used high-pressure sales tactics to persuade people to pay for information that is free online or at a library.

“I hope voters will look past a video presentation made three years ago and instead look at the issues confronting us in 2010,” Hayworth said.

The ad was taped in 2007 but didn’t come to light until Monday. Political commentators have roundly mocked Hayworth for it. McCain’s campaign is airing a television ad showing clips of Hayworth’s performance and calling him a “huckster.”

“Now, after four days of withering criticism, Congressman Hayworth has made a political calculation and claims he’s suddenly sorry,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a statement Thursday. “But it’s too little, too late — especially for the people who this company ripped off with Congressman Hayworth’s help.

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  1. I have talked with JD one on one I beleive he is at least a true American and not out to pull the wool over everyones eyes. We are all guilty of some miss deed some time in our lives.
    John Mc Cain has betrayed the ideal of America he also was involved with Keating back in the eighties. That man was stealing from the elderly and Mc Cain took his money. Now again Mc Cain has taken over a miillion dollars from Scott Rothstein who was convicted of fraud and recived a fifty year jail term.
    John Mc Cain served our country in the time of war he was subjected to brutal torture and for that he recived my vote for many years. I see now that Mr Mc Cain was brain washed while a prisoner of war.
    We must elect J.D. he was for border securty before Mc Cain & Kyle even realized we had a problem. Both of our Senators are one worlders under their vision we are children and only they can tell us how to live.
    I for one would rather live free and die now than live under Obama and Mc Cains vision of our world.

  2. J.D. Hayworth was a served Arizona well for 12 years in the US Congress. While in the House, he built a stellar record as a Consistent Conservative. He maintained an “A” rating from the NRA and a 100% Pro-Life voting record. J.D. also compiled a lifetime rating of 89 from Citizens Against Government Waste and a lifetime rating of 98 from the American Conservative Union.

    During his twelve years in the House, J.D. became the first Arizonan to serve on the Ways and Means Committee where he helped write the Bush Tax Cuts of 2001 and 2003. He also was the lead sponsor of the new Education Land Grant Act, which instituted a uniform way for rural school districts to obtain non-environmentally sensitive federal land for school construction.

    It’s disturbing to see the direction that Sen. McCain’s campaing has taken. He must be very scared of the challenge from J.D.

    Senator McCain, get out of the cesspool of negative campaigning and start acting like the soldier that you used to be.

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