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Corporation commission candidate gets last-minute public funding

A Democratic candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission is getting last-minute public funding, just one day ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

State officials say Rep. David Bradley qualified Monday for $91,645 of public funding for his primary election campaign after finally qualifying by submitting enough $5 contributions from voters.

Bradley is in a three-way race with state Sen. Jorge Garcia and former Commissioner Renz Jennings for two Democratic nominations for two commission seats, and Bradley says he’s scrambling to use the money in time to reach voters.

“My options are pretty limited because of the timing obviously,” he said.

Bradley said it’s too late for him to purchase radio or TV ads.

Bradley says he’s purchasing e-mail blasts, doing automated phone calls, and having campaign signs printed today to be put up early tomorrow.

He says he’s having to pay premium prices because of the timing.

Reporter Luige del Puerto contributed to this report

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  1. Another example of the complete waste called “AZ Clean Elections”.
    $91K down the drain. Who wins? Printers and robo-call providers.
    The democrats have no hope for these Corp. Commission seats anyway. Most primary voters understand that they’ll (D’s) push for a lot of expensive and wasteful EcoBS which will just jack up our rates and make the EcoFreaks feel very good about themselves. Of course, APS and TEP will support them. Vote for Burns and Pierce if you are an Independent.

  2. Bradley is the most qualified leader and the only CEO in the race. Burns & Pierce have no military background and Bradley does, experience levels of those two combined don’t hold a candle to Bradley’s, education, forget about it. He will appeal to the Republicans on many levels and he’ll beat the republican opposition easily, in my opinion. He stepped aside from a run for Governor, is well respected and known statewide. Good he got to level the playing field vs the other candidates with this funding that he earned by getting all of those $5.00 donations in even after a late entrance that I understand was urged by many of his colleagues at the State and Federal level.

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