Arizona Corporation Commission

TEP, electric rates, Arizona Corporation Commission
Aug 7, 2023

TEP seeks rate hike despite company’s rising profits

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is set for an Aug. 8 vote on Tucson Electric Power’s (TEP) latest rate hike request. This proposed 11.8% hike comes on the heels of the ACC’s decision to boost the monopoly utility’s “Purchased Power and Fuel Adjustor Clause,” which has already increased customer bills by more than $114 per year.

dark money, Proposition 211, Right to Know Act, Americans for Prosperity
Aug 7, 2023

Petersen and Toma in court filing aim to quash Prop 211

With efforts by one set of foes already rebuffed, the state's top Republican lawmakers are making their own bid to quash a new state law designed to shine a light on "dark money.''

heat-related deaths, APS, SRP, Maricopa County
Jul 24, 2023

Utilities forced to change after death of woman when power cut off

Stephanie Pullman died on a sweltering Arizona day after her electricity was cut off because of a $51 debt. Five years later, the 72-year-old's story remains at the heart of efforts to prevent others in Arizona from having their power cut off, leaving them without life-saving air conditioning in temperatures that have topped 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) on every day this month.

heat, Hobbs, utilities, APS, air conditioning, heat-related illnesses
Jul 21, 2023

Hobbs demands utilities tell her how they’re prepared for record heat

Gov. Katie Hobbs is demanding utilities tell her how they're prepared for record heat even though she has no legal authority to do so.

heat-related deaths, Arizona, National Weather Service, Maricopa County
Jul 20, 2023

Heat-associated deaths in Valley rise during extreme weather, but lag behind last year’s

Confirmations of heat-related deaths continue to rise in Maricopa County amid a punishing hot spell with 110-degree Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) plus weather persisting for a record 20 days so far.

Coolidge Generating Station, SRP, Randolph
Jun 22, 2023

Corporation Commission approves SRP Coolidge gas plant expansion

The Arizona Corporation Commission voted to allow an expansion of Salt River Project’s Coolidge Generating Station to move forward over a year after it first rejected the project.

SRP, Coolidge, Coolidge Generating Station, Arizona Corporation Commission
Jun 20, 2023

SRP’s Coolidge gas plant expansion is back from the dead

A plan to expand SRP’s Coolidge Generating Station is back from the dead after the utility agreed to make a substantial investment in the neighboring Randolph community – but the deal is opposed by some environmental activists, industry groups and even an SRP board member.

veterinarians, pets, Arizona Corporation Commission, Veterinary Victims League
Jun 16, 2023

Pet group focuses on government, veterinary nonfeasance 

Most of us consider our pets part of the family. In fact, it’s probably one of the few social beliefs broadly shared by most Americans in our too-often-divided country. We don’t usually think of our pets as being political, but neither are they immune to politics. Indeed, many of the problems our pets face are broadly similar to the problems we face and the causes also bear a great resemblance[...]

Rio Verde, Hobbs, Ortega
Jun 9, 2023

Simple solution to Rio Verde Foothills water issue 

Water is the lifeblood of Arizona’s future. Conserving this precious resource and all it provides is one of the most important issues facing the city of Scottsdale and all of Arizona. But Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega continues to waste time and city resources fighting a deal that will not cost Scottsdale anything to be good neighbors to the people of Rio Verde Foothills.

APS, Arizona Corporation Commission, utilities
May 24, 2023

Watchdog fights to protect consumers, keeps tabs on utility companies and commission that regulates them

Phoenix resident Abhay Padgaonkar has worked as a fierce consumer advocate, fighting for the rights of those who struggle to pay their utility bills and keeping tabs on utility companies and the commission that regulates them.

dark money, Proposition 211, Voters' Right to Know Act, lawsuit,
May 1, 2023

Group asks judge to toss conservative advocacy organization’s attempt to kill ‘dark money’ law

The group that convinced voters last year to expose "dark money'' contributions to political campaigns wants a federal judge to toss a bid by a conservative advocacy group to kill the new law.

corruption, stock trading, Congress, Arizona Corporation Commission
Apr 21, 2023

Putting a stop to corruption in Congress 

I’m proud to recognize our own U.S. Rep. Juan Ciscomani, who understands the commitment to good governance. Recently Rep. Ciscomani signed on to the TRUST in Congress Act, which would ban stock trading among members of Congress.