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Capitol Quotes: Oct. 15, 2010

“I think it speaks volumes about the man who tells Jan Brewer what to do, and I think her obligation is to distance herself from him.” – Goddard spokeswoman Jeanine L’Ecuyer, on Brewer adviser Chuck Coughlin floating old rumors that Goddard is gay.

“That number doesn’t matter.” – Brewer spokesman Doug Cole, on a poll showing Goddard down by only 3 percentage points. When the poll was expanded to include only likely voters, Brewer’s lead jumped to 11 points.

“If they wanted to do that, they’re certainly able to. They just should resign as a precinct committeeman.” – Maricopa GOP Chairman Rob Haney, on three PCs, including former Attorney General Grant Woods, who lost their voting privileges at the party for endorsing Democrat Felecia Rotellini.

“I’ve seen a lot of sloppiness, yes. And I think it’s due to the fact that you’ve got one person doing the job of 10 because none of the banks ever expected to have this kind of volume of foreclosure.” – Real estate attorney Thomas Stoops, on recent revelations that Bank of America and other major mortgage lenders improperly signed documents that intiated foreclosures.

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