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Capitol Quotes: Nov. 25, 2010

‘I’m just waiting for a text message from him confirming our shared belief that God is indeed a Democrat.’ — Barry Dill, on the passing of his friend, lobbyist Art Chapa.

“Such an attempt by Arizona to enforce the border would surely be deemed pre-empted by federal law.” — Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky, founding dean of the University of California-Irvine School of Law, commenting on Sen. Jack Harper’s proposal to create a civilian force that would be deployed to help guard the Arizona-Mexico border.

“He doesn’t know where the middle is.” — Senator-elect Steve Gallardo, who is having a difficult time seeing how incoming Senate President Russell Pearce can unite his caucus.

“I’m too young.” — Rebecca Rios, who is mulling a political comeback after losing the Senate election in Legislative District 23 to Republican Steve Smith.

“If we could do that … I’d do a little dance out the door.” — Arizona Democratic Party Chairman Don Bivens, on his desire to find a successor rather than run for a third term.

“It’s maybe brinksmanship, but the point is the state couldn’t afford it then and can afford less now.” — Rep. Russ Jones, a Yuma Republican, on proposals to cut AHCCCS in violation of the federal health care law.

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